Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening


Matthew BoG 10-23-12

The Wholeness offers two types of in-person Retreats to enjoy deep immersion and transformational knowledge and healings. Retreats are lead by Matthew Reifslager, founder of The Wholeness.

The Wholeness Silent Sanctuary

Silent Sanctuaries are a very safe and precious space created and held for you to let go of all the constrictions of your mind and emotional body. The silence of this course begins from the level of speech but quickly deepens into another dimension in the subtle structures of your physiology. These retreats provide a deep immersion into your subtle awareness.  More  >>

The Wholeness Bliss Retreat

Bliss Retreats are a unique, integrative approach to Awakening to your Divinity. Unlike Silent Sanctuaries, these retreats generally less than a week and are not in residence. Through the routine of the Bliss Retreat (including healings and knowledge, catered meals, afternoon outings to sacred spots, and group practice of the Breath of God) you will enjoy a deeper awareness of your own awakening process and a greater connection to Divine Mother Earth.  More >>

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God’s whisper of ‘I love you’ is self-referral. It is Self whispering to self. It is God whispering to God. It is self whispering to God. And it is God whispering to self. The interchangeability of self and God emerges spontaneously as your awareness opens to the most refined levels of your heart.

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