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Wholeness Teachers

Wholeness Teachers are individuals on a journey of Self-discovery – dedicated to their own healing and awakening.

Each has participated in a variety of Wholeness programs over the years, developing a deep and personal understanding of Divine Wisdom and how to apply it to daily life for personal growth and awakening.

WTT-groupWholeness teachers have come to the place in life where they want to give back to the communities in which they live.  Their lives have been transformed, and their hearts now move them from a place of being and receiving to a place of doing and giving.

Often filled with deep appreciation and gratitude for the gifts of this knowledge, Wholeness teachers are excited to share the transformational programs that have enriched their lives. The Wholeness School offers a platform for the expression of this desire –  to ‘hold space’ so that others may share in the blessings they have received.

FF-BoG-fun-grp-9.13Each teacher brings their own unique embodiment of light, presence, and heart to teaching.  And although Wholeness teachers come from a variety of careers, educational backgrounds and spiritual traditions; they have a common desire – to connect with and radiate their Divine Nature.

Upon completion of the Wholeness School Teacher Training, individuals may receive teacher certification and can then become qualified to teach Wholeness programs.  A Wholeness Teacher may offer a variety of programs taught by the Wholeness School:

  • Elemental Life Force Breathing instruction
  • Vital Grounding Movement and Breath Class
  • Cosmic Earth Life Force and God Workshop
  • Breath of God Instruction


“I feel that there is something deeply satisfying and fulfilling in sharing and teaching knowledge and tools that can help change another person’s life for the better.”

“Being able to share the knowledge that has helped me in so many ways is very rewarding. I have experienced internal growth as a result of opening myself up to others so that exchange of information can occur. Teaching has brought me greater confidence and stability in who I am and how I approach the external world. That is a priceless experience and I would not trade it for anything.”

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When you bring your awareness to your heart, there is some quality of presence there. This presence is your awareness. This presence is God. It is in this state of recognition of the divine presence in your heart that healing begins.

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