Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening




The Crystal Earth Pavilion will help bring healing and rapid awakening to countless individuals looking to gain spiritual freedom.

Using a timeless, Archangelic crystal technology that amplifies the healing energy of Mother Earth, the Crystal Earth Pavilion will provide a space for people to fully align with these enlightening frequencies. The Wholeness is re-introducing a powerful Mahavakya crystalline technology at this time on Earth when humanity needs it most.

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The original group who received inspiration for this project has grown significantly over the years, as more and more individuals find resonance with this vision to create a global constellation of Mahavakya crystal temples. These great gifts to humanity will be birthed from the sweat of inner love, and through our deep connectivity to our entire world family. We are all a part of this multi-generational, multidimensional story.

It is in New Mexico that we make a beginning!

Revered Cherokee medicine woman, Grandmother Nakai Breen, carried the seed of this mission in her cosmic heart, and shared an unusual and life-changing message with founding members of The Wholeness organization.

Read the story of this humble and powerful woman in
THE VISION, Book One – Nakai.


Ken-in-Nepal-300x317KEN HARDIN, Director
The Wholeness Mahavakya Crystal Technologies / Santa Fe Temple Project

Ken was part of the original vision and design teams for the Crystal Earth Seeds, charged with producing the prototype for the seeds beginning in the spring of 2013. He has lead or been part of many numerous seed plantings domestically and abroad, and acts as the chief training and administrative consultant for the Crystal Earth coordinator team.

Ken spent 24 years in the diamond jewelry industry. This, along with with his passion for the Mahavakya Crystal Projects, has lead him to travel to the most powerful places on Earth, presenting knowledge and developing a direct means to establish sites for the Mahavakya World Temples. He is leading the efforts to secure the crystals, the funds, and the sacred sites needed to realize our goals as soon as possible.

Walter-in-the-TetonsWALTER REIFSLAGER, Coordinator
Temple Site Team

Walter has played leadership roles in consciousness-based development projects for over 35 years. His in-depth experience in real estate development includes assembling and leading teams to acquire and develop special sites for intentional master planned communities. He has also helped plan, fund and administer unique spiritual buildings in a number of states, including meditation domes and halls incorporating cosmic architecture.

It was through one such development venture that Walter began his friendship with Grandmother Nakai Breen, the Cherokee medicine woman who reminded him of the service he is here to provide in creating the Mahavakya Crystal Temples.

Don-with-Nakai-and-Sayan-300x317DON WALLIS, Coordinator
Temple Design and Construction

Don has been instrumental in the on-going design of The Wholeness crystal technologies.

A retired builder, Don had visions of energetic crystal structures most of his life. During a fortuitous meeting with members of The Wholeness about four years ago, he learned his visions align almost exactly with images of crystal technology envisioned by The Wholeness team. Since that time, there has been a collaborative effort between Don and other members of the Wholeness to bring these ancient, cosmic, crystal technologies to life in a manner appropriate for this age and this planet.

In the picture at left, Don is seen with Grandmother Nakai installing a Crystal Beacon in her medicine wheel.


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