Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Silent Sanctuaries

Join Matthew Reifslager in a small, intimate setting for nine days of profound, evolutionary silence. This sanctuary will take place at The Mandala Center in beautiful northern New Mexico.

Unplug from collective consciousness and relax into the deep silence of your own consciousness. Enjoy group Breath of God practice, meetings morning and evening, delicious meals, and daily walks in the countryside.

Surrender into divinity

Leave your daily life behind and retreat deeply into your own self-referral Divine Light. A Silent Sanctuary is a rare and precious opportunity. The consciousness shift that takes place will be anchored in your physical body and will therefore impact every aspect of your life.

“I didn’t realize how deeply inward I had gone on the sanctuary until I was on my way home. The world was suddenly a very different place than it had been. Now it was filled with a magical bliss and love. Thank you!”

Bask in archangelic blessings

Enjoy morning and evening group meetings with Matthew Reifslager as he facilitates your own self-referral healing and evolution with the help of archangelic technologies and frequencies. Each sanctuary brings something new and timely.

Nourish the whole body

One of our reasons for coming back to the Mandala Center again and again is the exceptional quality of the meals they provide. Their cook not only understands how to accommodate the Prana Diet that we enjoy, but she does so in the most delicious and nuturing way possible. Every meal is filled with a variety of tasty, fresh and wholesome dishes.

Commune with Mother Earth

Each day, enjoy taking walks in the countryside around the retreat facility in order to help integrate your experiences and ground you to Mother Earth. Tap into that essential Cosmic Earth Life Force that is so essential to the growth of your awakening to your divine nature – your God Self.

Important Note: The Breath of God Instruction is a pre-requisite for attending Wholeness Retreats. Please let us know if you are interested in learning about upcoming courses.

An Invitation from Matthew:

Matthew in silence2The internal frontiers have revealed so much important understanding of what is happening now on earth. For me, this has been the most remarkable time of my life and I am looking forward to sharing these experiences and this information with you.

Always, when we come together, have you noticed that some of the most powerful experiences of our lives emerge in our group coherence? The consciousness shift that takes place in the Sanctuary is anchored, through the Breath of God practice, in the physical body and therefore impacts every aspect of your life, from subtle to gross. It is the most valuable week I can think to be a part of.

This work we call The Wholeness is still in its infant stages and yet the collective experience we are having together is unprecedented. The Silent Sanctuaries are the deepest and sweetest things, and I look forward to them.

Register for this Program

Silent Sanctuaries

Register and $600 deposit

Program Information

Includes: accommodations for 8 nights, three delicious meals each day, morning and evening knowledge and healing sessions, daily group Breath of God practice, nature hikes, and a powerful all-pervasive divine presence.

June 28th — July 6th, 2014

The retreat will begin with lunch on Saturday, June 28th at 12:30pm and will end after lunch on Sunday, July 6th.


Standard Double Room
Larger room
2 people share a bath
$2,925 per person

Economy Double Room
Smaller room
4 people share a bath
$2,400 per person

Single Room (few available)
Larger room with private bath
$4,325 per person

Important Note: The Breath of God Instruction is a prerequisite for attending Wholeness Retreats. Please let us know if you are interested in learning about upcoming courses.


"I am here for you. I am here as you. I love you unconditionally. You are my greatest creation.

"Are you ready to move beyond the suffering of your humanness?

"You are a Divine Being. Come swim in that Divine Presence that resides within you and is the truest you."

—Matthew sharing God's Love


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