Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Bliss Retreats

Mail-Attachment-1MATTHEW REIFSLAGER and THE WHOLENESS invite you to attend the next Wholeness Bliss Retreat. Treat yourself to five days of:

PROFOUND KNOWLEDGE – deepen your understanding of the awakening process

POWERFUL HEALINGS – enjoy Archangelic blessings that will restructure your energetic physiology

NURTURING COMMUNITYshare, learn, play and grow among kindred souls

DIVINE MOTHER EARTHenliven your physiology with the spiritually transformational energy of the Santa Fe area.

GROUP BREATH OF GODstrengthen and expand your experience of the practice

FRESH, ORGANIC CATERED MEALSenjoy high prana foods that nourish the whole body

We gather mornings and evenings to enjoy knowledge meetings, energetic healings, and group practice of the Breath of God. Catered gourmet lunches and dinners ensure a royal experience and continued opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, new and old.

Afternoon outings allow you to connect to Mother Earth and integrate the experiences of the meetings.

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Bliss Retreats

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