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Wholeness for Women

Join Carol Miseo-Hardin for a special teleconference.

Carol is a certified energy practitioner with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of energy medicine. Holistic living has been her passion for 35 years, and she shares her experience through teaching and guiding others in creating vibrant health through a Spirit-centered approach.

Carol-Maui-SmileIn these special gatherings, Carol shares knowledge of the Elemental Physiology and emotional body through the unique structure of the female form to help support awakening and ultimately God-realization. This Realization is the source, giving us a greater understanding of who you truly are.

Carol explains, “Human collective consciousness has shaped the female psyche in ways that may not serve her awakening. Throughout history, women have embraced unnecessary limitations on their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth while still offering that flow of nourishing love. Now is the time to turn this nourishing love inward and heal our own relationship to ourselves.”

Your true power is in knowing and awakening to the reality that you are a Divine Being, that you are the God you seek.

These events are open to women everywhere. Please invite your friends to join you as well!

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Wholeness for Women

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"The Wholeness for Women teleconference was wonderful. Carol's explanations were so clear and simple. The explanation of how an emotional stress is created was profound. It really illustrated the importance of proper breathing in creating the healthy fire that digests everything – not just food. Thank you."

—J.M., Businesswoman, Midwest


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