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Weekly Immersion Healings

Weekly-Immersion-Healings-picUncover Your Divinity

Enjoy a complete immersion
into God Consciousness

This program consists of 12 powerful 60-90 minute audio healings. These longer healings provide an opportunity for your awareness to dive deeply into your own divine Self.

Although we call it “Weekly” Immersion Healings, these recordings are meant to be enjoyed every day of the week. After initially listening to the entire call, we recommend you re-listen to at least a few minutes each day for the rest of the week. Even a few minutes per day (15-20 minutes) will completely re-enliven the initial experience of the 60-90 minute immersion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completion of the Daily Healings in Wholeness program is a prerequisite to prepare your physiology for this advanced program.

The sweetest and most powerful moments in life are not created by the brilliance of the mind or the abilities of the intellect, they are created by a force that is infinite and unfathomable. They are created by your relationship with your own God Self.

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Weekly Immersion Healings

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Program Information

Each week – for 12 weeks – you will receive an email with a link to a powerful 60-90 minute audio healing. Listen online at your convenience.

Each day for the rest of the week, re-enliven the healing effects by listening to at least a few minutes of the recording again.


"When I hear Divine Mother’s words, I am deeply nurtured. It feels like she is my deepest, most intimate friend. My heart always expands in love during and after the daily healings. During the day, just thinking of the healing will bring the experience back instantly. I am grateful to Matthew for making this available to us. He is a young man and could do anything he wants with his time. Yet, he so generously opens himself to Divine Mother on our behalf every day."


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