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God in the Heart Instruction

I-See-God-s-Heart-In-These-Clouds-god-the-creator-10268130-400-400The greatest secret
that should not be a secret…

is that the all-powerful God, the birthing consciousness of creation, has a seat in your human body. It finds its seat beyond creation in the most subtle structures of your heart.

Does the experience of God, the reality of God, seem abstract to you and out of reach? This does not have to be. The experience of God can, and should, be a personal and intimate reality.

The God in the Heart Instruction provides you with a way to cultivate experience of God Awareness throughout your day and life. It gives you the tools and understanding that allow you to shift your awareness from suffering to Bliss.

The God in the Heart Instruction is the foundation for all the programs offered by The Wholeness. Enjoy it from the comfort of your home via teleconference.

You will receive:

  • Five intensive sessions (Friday evening, Saturday morning & evening, Sunday morning & evening)
  • Profound knowledge and understanding
  • Methods for cultivating God Awareness 24/7, even during sleep
  • Powerful healings for the the physical, emotional and energetic bodies
  • An invitation to listen in on all future God in the Heart Instructions free of charge

Experiencing your God Self is like a coming home: so familiar, so intimate, so sweet. It is just that experience of infinite God loving you. The nature of God’s presence is infinite love. This is the reality. The nature of God is infinite and unconditional love.

Register for the instruction and you will receive information about how to connect to the teleconference along with the exact times of the meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have taken the God in the Heart Instruction you are entitled to audit all future ones free of charge.


Program Information

God in the Heart Instruction

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Course Information

The course consists of five sessions, Friday evening through Sunday morning.



"I signed up for the God in the Heart Instruction without particular expectations, just trusting it would be helpful, another step on the long journey home. But such an important and empowering step it immediately and undeniably proved to be!

"During the instruction I gradually found myself immersed in and identified with transcendent consciousness of an increasingly crystalline yet fluid quality. Tangible waves of expansion and love moved in the awareness — not my everyday experience to date, even in meditation. Simple step by simple step, moment by moment, the clear explanation of the deep mechanics of the process aligned fully with the spontaneous personal experience. The understanding and the opening were so deep and so clear. Even as I write this some time afterwards, gratitude and wholeness of consciousness remain.

"Near the end of the instruction, I realized my cheeks were a little sore... because I had apparently been smiling the whole time from the flow of bliss in the body. God in the Heart — such a profound gift to give ourselves."

—W.R. Santa Fe, NM


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