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Daily Healings Listening Tips

Tips for listening to the daily recordings:

The foundation of all Wholeness programs is the profound knowledge and healing frequencies brought forth by Wholeness founder Matthew Reifslager from his self-referral relationship with God – a relationship he refers to as Divine Mother.

  • It is best to listen sitting or lying down with the eyes closed in a quiet, settled place.
  • Matthew will be speaking slowly and quietly.
  • Sometimes there will be periods of silence. This is an important aspect of the healing as specific frequencies of healing energy are engaged in the silence.
  • During the silence it is suggested that you favor keeping the eyes closed and allow the awareness to be present with whatever you feel in the physiology or emotions. Resist the urge to fast forward through the silence as it is in this silence that significant restructuring of the physiology takes place.
  • Trust that whatever experience you have— peacefulness, deep silence, sleepiness, emotional or physical release, lightness, happiness, bliss, or even the feeling of ‘I don’t know what I was feeling’!— is the right one for that time.
  • There is no specific result you are looking for with these healings. It is simply encouraged for you to be present with your own Self in this time. One program participant explained that the calls act as training wheels to gently guide the listener in that powerful reconnection with their highest and deepest self— and to trust that connection as truth.
  • You will know the call is over when Matthew says: “Divine Mother is bowing”.

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The only part of you that can know God is the God within you – as you. The only part of you that can be completely free from suffering forever, is the part of you that is not suffering right now. It is the part of you that has never suffered.

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