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Daily Healings in Wholeness

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Transform your life with this powerful 2-month program

40 recordings were carefully selected to provide a powerful experience of the healings and timely knowledge systematically unveiled by Matthew Reifslager over the past few years.

In these recordings, Matthew facilitates the activation of your own self-referral healing and awakening. The daily structure of this program provides an opportunity to establish a habit of taking time for God – your own divine Self – each day.

Begin the program whenever you wish — any day of the month or week. You will immediately receive an email with links to the first 5 recordings. Listen to a recording each day, 5 days per week, at your convenience.

Some topics include:

  • Experiencing the great identity shift – from the limited mind to infinite awareness
  • Recognizing your divine presence within
  • Fnding liberation through trust and surrender
  • Eliminating fear and suffering from your life – finding your true power
  • Connecting with Mother Earth as the source of your life force energy
  • Healing the five Elemental Centers of your physiology to know God on Earth
  • Unplugging from the damaging effects of collective consciousness
  • Using gratitude to connect with your divinity

Discover your divinity

This program reminds the awareness of that place in the physiology that knows divinity, that place that knows God. The sweetest and most powerful moments in life are not created by the brilliance of the mind or the abilities of the intellect, they are created by a force that is infinite and unfathomable. They are created by your relationship with your own God-self.

Feel God’s love

During each daily healing, Matthew shares God’s love as it manifests for this time on earth. Matthew often refers to God as ‘Divine Mother’ and has explained that although God transcends all gender and form, the words ‘Divine Mother’ enliven those all-loving, all-embracing, and all-nurturing qualities needed for humanity.

Experience profound healings

The Daily Healings in Wholeness offers healing for the gap in experience between your Divine Self and your human self. These recordings provide for the total restructuring of the complete physiology.

Empower yourself! There is no limit to how great you can be.

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Daily Healings in Wholeness

Register for this 8-week program

Program Information

$108 (includes 40 calls)

Start this program at any time — any day of the month; any day of the week.

Listen to 5 calls per week for 8 weeks.

Each call is approximately 15-30 minutes in length.

You will receive links to connect with the calls online and they will be available for you to listen at what ever time works with your daily schedule.


“These calls have completely changed the way I approach life! They have opened my heart. I feel transformed and am so grateful.”
—L.S., Writer

“It is so wonderful to be reminded of who I am on a daily basis. I have spent years in science and research. But this is way beyond scientific inquiry. This is the most loving, compassionate, and divine experience.”
—K.K., Director of Non-Profit

“When I hear (Matthew speak) God’s words I am deeply nurtured. It feels like God is my deepest, most intimate friend. My heart always expands in love during and after the calls. During the day, just thinking of the call will bring the experience back instantly.”
—S.K., Housewife


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