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Breath of God Instruction

Open to the light of God

Learn a powerful breathing practice that opens and purifies the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

iStock_000002284032_ExtraSmallMake way for the light of God to infiltrate your experience of life. This is one of the most powerful programs ever offered by The Wholeness.

Master the breath and every experience that has been lodged within the emotional field will literally be opened and released.

Infinite God-awareness exists in the subtle structures of your heart. But the awareness has to travel through the density and blockages of the human body, specifically the emotional body, before it reaches the realm of conscious thought. Unless you are fully Awake, by the time thought becomes conscious it no longer resembles that infinite presence of love and divinity.

The entire human physiology is manifested through the spine. When breath moves from the brainstem to the foundation of the spine — when breath is this deep, this complete, and this full — you are able to touch not only the gross elements of the body, but the subtle elements.

This is because breath is multidimensional. It not only exists on the gross planes of existence where you can feel and hear your breath, but also on those most subtle planes of existence where breath can be so refined it is literally relaxed into the field of God. This is the range of breath, from grossest experience to the doorway of God in your heart.

The Breath of God Instruction is only offered in person. This is to provide a safe and nourishing environment for the amazingly deep and profound purification that takes place on all levels of the physiology, especially the emotional body. Trained instructors lead this course. They are on hand to guide you step-by-step through the instruction and provide support and understanding. What you will take home is a profound, self-sufficient daily healing practice you can continue to do on a daily basis.

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Breath of God Instruction

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"After taking the Breath of God Instruction I felt a shift in consciousness and am now experiencing life in a more clear and calm way. I am so grateful that I have this knowledge and can't wait to see more people experience the power of their breath do amazing things to their body and mind. Humanity needs this NOW!"
—Noah Ouellette, Santa Fe

"Worth every breath! Truly enlivens the physiology to support God awareness. I'm not kidding!"
—M.D., California

"I have spent almost a decade fully devoted to spiritual practice and enlightenment. When I have needed assistance with health concerns I have worked with many healers who have helped me immensely; but still, certain symptoms remained. The Breath of God Technique for healing and awakening is so deeply unique. It touches places that no healer has. It has made me so self-sufficient; allowing the breath to open and heal the dense physical body, purify the emotions, as well as the most subtle and energetic forms. I am so grateful for this unique and powerful process. Wow! Thank you, I am so deeply grateful!"
—Lyric Benson-Segal, Santa Fe


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