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The foundation of all Wholeness programs is the profound knowledge and healing frequencies brought forth by Wholeness founder Matthew Reifslager from his own self-referral relationship with God. These healings, instructions, and wisdom are geared specifically for this great time of awakening on Mother Earth.

Daily Healings in Wholeness

Transform your life with this introductory 2-month online program – created to provide a powerful taste of the knowledge and experience systematically unveiled by The Wholeness over the past few years. 40 calls were carefully selected out of our archives of more than 1,000. In addition to 5 audio healings per week, participants receive a bonus healing transcript. Sign up any time and immediately begin the program.  More >>

God In The Heart Instruction

Cultivate the experience of God Awareness in every moment of life. The God in the Heart Instruction is a simple, yet profound, practice that activates the tools and the understanding that allows you to shift your awareness from suffering to Bliss. God in the Heart is the daily awareness practice of Blissful Peace, Love, Gratitude, Compassion, and Fearless Action. It is a way of navigating daily experience so that no matter what comes, we are always prepared to handle it, as we see each event in life as a blessing from God to help us come home.  More >>

Breath of God Instruction

Learn a breathing practice that clears and purifies the emotional body, making way for your divine light to shine through. The Breath of God is the daily physiological practice of Blissful Peace, Love, Gratitude, Compassion, and Fearless Action. It is an unprecedented breathing technique that penetrates and heals the fundamental emotional and karmic structures of our body.  More >>

Weekly Immersion Healings

Uncover your divinity. This advanced 12-week intensive online program utilizes powerful, extended audio healings (1 to 1-1/2 hours ea.). This provides an opportunity for your awareness to immerse itself deeply into the arms of God and deep healing to occur. Note that the Daily Healings in Wholeness (or our previous Daily Wholeness Call program) is a prerequisite to participating in this program.  More >>

Wholeness For Women

Enjoy healings and knowledge specifically geared towards the female physiology. All women are warmly invited. These events are lead by Carol Miseo-Hardin, Director of The Wholeness School and they take place via teleconference. Carol shares knowledge and recommendations for the Elemental Physiology and the emotional body to support awakening and God-realization. More >>

Elemental Breath Class

Elemental breathing is a process that can be a very effective way to help our bodies neutralize and release the every day stresses we encounter and help reconnect us to a powerful source of energy, stability, and bliss — Mother Earth. More >>

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Healing and awakening share the same Mother. They are siblings of the same blood. Healing of the physiology begins with trust. Awakening of the whole life begins with trust. Trust is the foundation of surrender, and surrender is how you come home to God in your heart.

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