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The Unplugged Life

Divine Mother says…IMG_0701

“There is a life available on Earth — we can call it the ‘unplugged life’. This life is so self-referral in its relationship to God in the heart, and the divine cosmos accessible through Mother Earth, that we can only call it ‘unplugged’.

“In this life, it is no strain to unplug. It is no strain to avoid some of those more ridiculous aspects of humanity and human collective consciousness; there is no strain to avoid identification with those things.

“Here we are talking about a totally self-referral life. A life with Me, a life as Me.

“In this life, those indicators of success and failure, happiness and sadness, have disappeared. Because you are in bliss. You know you are in dharma. Because you are in dharma, you know you are exactly where you need to be in this moment. And because you know you are exactly where you should be, there is no suffering — indeed, there is even gross happiness.

“Do you notice when you are with God in the heart; when you are finding that bliss of Being in activity, there is a subtle but distinct feeling in that moment that you are unplugged? You are unplugged not only from the relentlessness of collective consciousness, but also any toxicity in the emotional bodies.

“You see, when you are plugged in, it is the emotional body that is being adversely affected. It is your energy systems, your energy centers, that are being adversely affected when you are engaged in those lower vibrations of collective consciousness. And what is so unique about being engaged is that you don’t need to be directly participating to be experiencing.

“That is, if a war is going on in your environment — whether a global war or just some conflict among friends or family – even if you are not participating actively, that dynamic in collective consciousness creates a weight in your emotional body.

“Now, the old way of understanding compassion is that: ‘I am compassionate; I will dive in and loose myself in trying to help,’ meanwhile only getting sicker, only becoming more identified in the war.

“The new compassion, the real compassion is… Awaken first; know God in your heart first. And this is done through unplugging. Yes, it is done through the awareness coming home to your heart — not only in that moment, but as a permanent intention throughout the day and life: Knowing this blissful state in your heart is more important than taking sides, or being on the ‘right’ side in a war.

“That bliss will guide you in how to navigate the war; how to navigate the strain in collective consciousness. This is yet another variation of surrender, because your divine Self can run the show.

“And if we live in the city and we cannot escape the grossness of this vibration, good, first ask yourself if its dharmic to be there. And feel into this truth because you may be surprised to realize it is time to leave.

“But if it so happens that the true dharma of your silence is to live in toxicity, what can aid us by remaining unplugged? It is conscious communication. Communicate with collective consciousness consciously — not passively or unconsciously — but deliberately and with full awareness; only to return to God. It sounds like such a demand. But if you are looking to gain the universe, the least I can ask is that you give the world to Me.

“Do you understand the simplicity of the suggestion: conscious communication?

“Conscious communication means that you are not engaged in collective consciousness unless you have chosen to engage in that moment — very consciously. And the only reason to engage in collective consciousness is for communication. You have love to communicate, ideas to communicate, a feeling to communicate. It is not just passively communicating through all forms of technology. When you are consciously communicating, you are more actively choosing whether participating benefits your awakening.

Conscious communication. We can also call this ‘conscious engagement’; conscious engagement with the environment. When you are conscious, firstly, you are giving all of your love in that moment. So you are healing. And secondly, you are surrendered to the silence, because your pure intention is to return to it. And so you are protected.

“With conscious engagement, conscious communication, you’re always checking in and asking yourself if participating is the highest for you. And then you ask the intellect to make the right decision.

“More and more, as you unplug from these old habits, routines, friendships and such, you find your intellect is being governed by your divinity; by your love. And then something fascinating happens. Because your love is growing, your love for all of those around you grows. And you find that unplugging from collective consciousness allows you to love humanity even more. In loving humanity even more, you may enter deeper and more vital states of service without using the word ‘compassion’ incorrectly.

“Emotional compassion will not serve you. It will not serve you simply because emotional compassion is emotional in nature. In that moment where another is suffering in their emotions, do you see how the unconscious response is to meet that suffering with your own emotional body?

“No. No. No.

“Sometimes it is guilt: ‘This person is suffering emotionally. Did I contribute to it? I will suffer emotionally as well, out of compassion; out of duty.’

“But this is never your duty. Your duty is never to suffer.

“I love you.

“True compassion is not only being in your bliss, but being in your bliss — favoring your silence and your love in your heart; your relationship with Divine Mother — at all costs.”

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