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The Religions of God Project

How did you answer the questions?

If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, you are already a participant in The Religions of God Project.

A unified vision of God

bigstock-The-sun-on-dramatic-sky-over-s-45683917There is a vision long held in the cosmos that is timely to implement on Earth. It is a birthing of a unified vision of God and a unified experience of God.

More than anything else, a unified vision of God will allow the experience of Heaven on Earth to spread quickly. And God will not belong to any one church, any one religion, any one organization; but rather to all beings, all paths – equally and eternally.

This is the Religions of God. Here all impulses of Truth and all paths home to God are the same impulse; the same fabric.

The Religions of God Project fosters peace, harmony, and mutual respect between all religions and spiritual traditions. It recognizes that the goal of all traditions is the same even though their paths may be very different. It maintains that all paths to God are worthy; all paths lead to divine Truth.

Don’t mistake the path for the destination

bigstock-Pray-15748061The great problem that humanity faces is not a lack of available Truth, but rather, that Truth is everywhere. This creates great conflict in collective consciousness because it results in warring mentalities, anchored in some value of Truth; behavior justified by partial Truth.

Take war, for example. The problem is not that both parties are wrong. It is that both parties are right. It is this rightness that creates the stubbornness, and the stubbornness that creates the war.

There are so many righteous paths home to God – so many righteous paths. The challenge is when the path is mistaken for the destination.

Even the wisest organizations today continue to make one critical mistake of the ego. Because the organization is truly blessed by God, it feels separate, and therefore superior. The focus is on the path rather than on the common destination. This isolation, this separation, stops the final integration from occurring again and again.

Embrace all paths

bigstock-Interfaith-Religion-7639672The Religions of God Project is the universal celebration of the destination — God as love; God as infinite peace; God as Creator. Every path knows God to be this, even the Religion of Science.

We will not find one religion that looks the same everywhere. We will find that there will be a limitless number of righteous, truthful paths, but only one destination.

The simple truth is that men rally around the path because the destination doesn’t care. That is, God is love. God is so forgiving, accepting, neutral, and infinite that man cannot build a temple upon God. Man can only build temples on the path.

If you want to heal humanity, first embrace your own path. And then embrace all paths as equal. First embrace your own path and then, to celebrate the destination, celebrate the destination everywhere.

You see, when you are rejected, it’s not God who is rejecting you. Another person may be rejecting you, but their rejection of you is based upon their fear, their lack of understanding, their addiction to suffering. You will do very poorly going to war on their path. And the moment you justify your own path – the moment you defend your own path – is the moment you are just contributing to the war that is to come. The moment you love is the moment that you cause the absolute greatest destruction of ignorance possible. When another person rejects you and your path, do not reciprocate the rejection. Instead give to them that which you want for yourself — which is God’s love.

Look for alignment

bigstock-stairs-in-sky-15099803What you can do is foster unity by looking for alignment.

If a person approaches you and says, “What you are doing is wrong with your life,” point out to them what you feel they are doing right with their life. When someone criticizes your God, honor their God. Because in honoring their God, aren’t you honoring yours? And in honoring the destination, haven’t you bypassed the path?

And what’s exquisite is that it doesn’t matter if you consider any of this knowledge to be a part of your path, because the path is not the point.  The destination is the point. And in honoring the destination that resides at the end of all paths, you strengthen the efficiency of every journey on Earth.

This project, which began deep in the heavens, has been birthed from the same place that so many of the great religions of the Earth have been birthed. What impulse of infinite humility will step forth as a vibrational example of true unity, true embrace and acceptance? If this vibration is alive within you, feed it, nourish it, grow it. And if it is not yet a conscious flow within you, birth it.

Look for alignment does not mean look for alignment in the path, but look for alignment in the destination. And then, if you can, reverse engineer the destination to find what alignment in path may be there, or at least what mutual understanding may be present. For that is the seed that may grow to be a true universal Religion of God – a religion not called any one thing, but instead the perception of diversity in unity and unity in diversity.

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