Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

The Wholeness is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to support humanity’s healing and awakening through Mahavakya Crystal Technology and other projects of service.


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We are planning to begin construction on the Crystal Earth Pavilion of Santa Fe. This is the first important step toward the realization of our highest goal — the construction of nine Mahavakya Crystal Temples in sacred places around the globe.

These powerful generators of Earth’s healing energy will use Archangelic and Crystalline technologies to bless and awaken humanity.

“We just build this temple now with whatever resources are available. To waste any more time is deeply counterproductive, not just to our spiritual mission, but to our mission of enjoying and having fun on Earth. If we begin to build this temple, everything else will fall into place. We don’t wait; we begin!”  — Matthew Reifslager


“When I hear Divine Mother’s words, I am deeply nurtured. It feels like she is my deepest, most intimate friend. My heart always expands in love during and after the daily healings. During the day, just thinking of the healing brings the experience back instantly.”
—S.K., Housewife from the Midwest


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