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Surrender… and Life Becomes Simple

bigstock-Fresh-bamboo-leaves-over-water-13214873Divine Mother says…

“All we are doing is finding that blissful presence in our own heart, and deciding to let this presence; this perspective; this Wholeness run the show – make the decisions.

“When you do this you are assured that your decisions are right decisions; you are assured that everything you need is provided to you. And this is your experience.

“Life appears complicated, but it’s not.

“Life is simple. Decisions are simple. Decisions are simple when you are surrendered.

“How simple can we make life? When God in your heart tells you, ‘Do this’, you just do it, because you are God in your heart, and this God in your heart has a bird’s eye view of creation.

“You see, for all of the ways your emotions can mislead you; can confuse and exhaust you, when it comes to action you have the ultimate compass. This is Me. This is my love for you. And this resides in your heartjust beyond the reach of any disruption in your energetic bodies.

“Purifying the emotions, cleaning out the body of all toxicity and negative influence, is one thing. And if you want, you can wait and wait and wait, and chip away and chip away, at the infinite block of granite that is the complexity of the karmic and emotional and energetic fields. And someday you will become clean. And in this completeness, God will emerge.

bigstock-Blue-Ridge-Parkway-Scenic-Land-31337123“Or you can say: ‘Fine, there is this block of granite here. Fine. It’s here; I understand it is here. But even in this field of uncertainty and confusion, I am choosing to favor this blissful silence in my heart. And in order to honor it, I am going to make all of my decisions based upon the simple experience of this presence of God, because I am trusting that this God, this Divine Mother, loves me unconditionally and has my highest good in mind. And so, even with this suffering, which can coexist with blissful presence, I am going to favor the blissful presence.’

“Surrender means: let your intellect be dictated by bliss and not  fear; by God and not by individuality.

“This is, of course, the fulfillment of individuality – to become God. But it is the most rapid path of success to simply say: ‘I love you God. I love you. I love you. I love you as you love me. I love you! My fulfillment is following the guidance of my own internal bliss’.

“Sometimes the pain in the emotional body is so strong, whether it be fear-flavored or suffering-flavored, that the experience of the bliss is far from the surface. No problem.

“On the one hand, we know this is how you come back to God in your heart. And on the other hand, you ask: is that divine presence offering some lifeline, some guidance, that I am simply resisting?

“Of course, all of this knowledge becomes more accessible, and more functional, as you continue to unplug from the ignorance of collective consciousness. Not because this knowledge is incompatible with working with this collective consciousness, but because collective consciousness operates under certain laws of nature; at a certain vibration.

“It’s like the difference between classical physics and quantum physics. The laws of nature actually shift.  Cosmic law is different in different states of consciousness. So, if you are completely engaged in collective consciousness, certain realities apply to you. The more you unplug and have that total commitment to being conscious all of the time, in your own space, the more these loving laws of nature; softer laws of nature;  more surrendered laws of nature, emerge for you.

“I love you.

“I am here in your heart and I love you.”

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