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Santa Fe Crystal Temple Funding

It’s happening!

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Help us raise the funds needed for this important project. No donation is too small, or too big. (We are a 501c3 organization, so contributions are tax deductible.)

We’re forging ahead to build our first Crystal Temple near Santa Fe.

We hope you will be inspired to participate in this great project in whatever way you wish. Your help is very welcome.

Big-crystalThis Santa Fe Wholeness Crystal Temple will be the first important step toward the realization of our highest goal: the construction of nine Mahavakya Crystal Temples in sacred places around the globe.

These powerful generators of Earth’s healing energy will use Archangelic and Crystalline technologies to bless and awaken humanity.

Recently we held a Wholeness Community meeting by teleconference to introduce the project. Recent guidance from Divine Mother was read out that charges us to move forward without delay. Matthew gave an inspiring talk and several people spoke about our activities so far to look for land and find the right crystals.

Click on the bar below to listen to the teleconference:

Following are some excerpts from Matthew’s talk during the meeting:

These temples will be some of the great elevators of human consciousness. This first temple, although it is not one of the Mahavakya temples, could be the most critical one, because without it there will be no others, not in physical form.

No matter what, we just build this temple now with whatever resources are available. To waste any more time is deeply counterproductive, not just to our spiritual mission, but to our mission of enjoying and having fun on Earth.

The crystal that will anchor this small temple in Santa Fe has such a unique imprint, that it will be able to draw forth from hiding all of the great crystals for the Mahavakyas — the crystals of significant mass and power.

If we begin to build this temple, everything else will fall into place. We don’t wait — we begin!

Don-and-Ken-with-crystals2Our team captains are eager to welcome any input or support you may have to offer, so please be in touch with Ken, Walter, or Don:

Crystal team: Ken Hardin,

Site team: Walter Reifslager,

Design team: Don Wallis,

Or feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

We are all very excited as we begin this major step in manifesting the true mission of The Wholeness and we warmly invite you to join us.

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