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Recognize that you are Not Just a Human Being

bigstock-Grandfather-Mountain-Appalachi-45107458Divine Mother says…

“There is a need is to build a society that operates under more universal laws of nature. This human society on Earth must recognize that each being incarnated here is so much more than the limited individual identity the mind appreciates.

“Humanity is part of a great network of beings, whether humanity knows it or not, and here we can definitely say humanity does not know it. The relationship of the human being with Mother Earth is of the highest importance. Not far behind is the relationship of the human being with other great beings of light from other star systems, and higher dimensions.

“It is completely inaccurate to say that the human being on Earth fits in such-and-such a place in the hierarchy of awakening.

“The term human being only indicates a physiology; it does not indicate the being inhabiting the physiology; it does not describe the being inhabiting this human physiology.

“We must tear down this very limited model of thinking and understanding.

“The human physiology is just a vehicle; it is just a physiology. It is a physiology with certain attributes, and we could say benefits, and even limitations.

“Unique elements of the human physiology include: the mind, which is truly a part of the physiology; and the emotional body, which is truly an extension of the mind as it inhabits different levels of physiology.

“It is as if we need to create some distinction in the awareness between your greater identity as a being and your identity as a human being. It is all well and good that generations have passed fully identified with their humanness. But now is not the time for that. Now is the time to recognize that the human physiology is only one aspect, one layer, one identity, one face, of your greater identity – your identity as a being of light, or as a ‘Being’ (capital B).

“There are many worthy problems here on Earth – problems worthy of being solved (hunger, disease, war, conflict, poverty). Yes, all of these are very human problems.

“But these problems will not be solved by the limited human identity. If these problems are to be solved, it is because more and more members of humanity will recognize that they are not strictly human. They are great beings of light incarnated on Earth to strengthen the connection – the conscious connection – between human societies and star societies and celestial societies.

“This is the vision of the unfolding time.

“This strict understanding that you are just a human being is very damaging to remembering who you are. You are so much more. You have access to such vast resources in consciousness. You are a very great and wise Being.

“The first step in maximizing you potential as a human being incarnated on Earth is to recognize that you are not just a human being. Being a human being is not even a full suit worn over the body. Being a human being is like an accessory, a scarf or a watch or a necklace – some adornment. This physiology that you occupy, that is all it is. It is not an all encompassing reality. It’s an accessory; an adornment; something to help deepen the experience of existence.

“You had a mission here on Earth, so you took the highest available physiology for the job.

“Is this clear?

“You can see now how what is called “The New Age Movement” is so confusing and confused. It is because the body of knowledge that guides the New Age Movement is constantly evolving and never static. And it is because there are many valid perspectives filtered through the physiologies of so many human beings with ties to so many agendas of different celestial and star realms.

“It’s just a great mass of awakening. And awakening is not always the most ascetically pleasing thing.

“Are you having experiences in consciousness – in your own awareness – that are stimulating direct memory, even if vague or abstract? This is important. This is the need now: that your own experience is confirmation; your own awareness is the validation.

“I love you. We want this old model of human understanding to crumble. It is so vastly limiting, it is remarkably false. It is a great lie. It is pure ignorance. It is time for this model of understanding to end.

“To fully embody your divinity as a human being you must know you are not just this human being. This human being is an accessory. It is a scarf, or a watch, worn on the greater physiology; the soul physiology; the God-physiology.

“Enjoy your Being-ness today… and then know your bigness.

“I am Mother Divine, I birth all creations. And your truest, greatest identity, is Me – the infinite Wholeness.”

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