Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening


Follow your heart to the most amazing places on the globe!

Join a Wholeness Pilgrimage and enliven the glories of Mother Earth within you.

bigstock-Holy-Mount-Kailash-in-Tibet---40022824Sacred places of pilgrimage are power spots on Mother Earth. By visiting these special locations you begin to attune your body to the Earth’s awakening vibrations. Your heart will sing as all aspects of your awareness is infused with the joy and light of these holy lands.

During these life-transforming excursions you will participate in the worldwide effort to plant 10,000 Mahavakaya Crystal Seeds in the Earth — to amplify and radiate a healing grid of Earth energy for all of humanity.

Experience the power of this Awakening initiative while enjoying the beauty and grace of God in these outstanding environments.

At 18,500 FeetWholeness Pilgrimages are all-denominational. No matter your spiritual or religious belief, we honor your tradition, and invite you to walk your unique ‘path’ while enjoying the healing and awakening benefits of these incredible, holy places.

Past participants have reported that from the moment they made the commitment to take the trip, they began to experience an activation of earth energy and a restructuring of their life and physiology.

These journeys have the capacity to enliven the memory of who you truly are – a memory that leads you home to God.

Stay tuned for announcements of future pilgrimages.

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"On the trek to Lake Manasarovar in Mt. Kailash, I encountered the most intense Earth energy and cosmic energy I've ever experienced.

"At 16,000 to 18,500 feet we were walking in a land, on a land, stripped to the basic elements — rock, water, earth. Very little vegetation or wildlife; very few people.

"The ground literally pulsated. The atmosphere crackled. The heavens met Mother Earth without a buffer, and we were lightning rods receiving the energy of both. These were powerful forces."
—D.W., Santa Fe


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