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Our Mission:

Mother EarthThe Wholeness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping facilitate the full awakening of humanity on Earth through the use of ancient Archangelic and Crystal technologies.

Our focus is from the awakening to God for each individual on Earth, to the full establishment of Heaven on Earth for humanity as a whole.

The highest goal of The Wholeness is the future construction of non-denominational Mahavakya Crystal Temples in the most powerful, sacred locations on Earth. These temples will serve a very important purpose.

With the help of crystal technology, Mahavakya Crystal Temples will harness and amplify the nourishing life-force energy of Mother Earth, as well as heavenly gifts from the Cosmos. The result will be a powerful boost in the accessibility of Earth’s healing frequencies for humanity, and a profound evolutionary influence of coherence and peace.

You can help support this mission in one of two ways:

  • Make a one-time donation (All donations are tax deductible). CLICK HERE TO MAKE A ONE-TIME DONATION
  • Become a “Wholeness Patron” by setting up a regular monthly auto payments on your credit card. No amount is too small, or too big! Following is more information about the Wholeness Patron Program. SEE PATRON DONATION LINKS BELOW

What does it mean to be a Wholeness Patron?

As a nonprofit, The Wholeness relies on the support of those who are inspired by this work and wish to help further these goals. Wholeness Patrons make a regular monthly tax-deductible donation that directly funds our projects.

As a Patron of The Wholeness, you play an essential role. You partner with us to advance our mission. No matter the amount, the collective generosity of those who actively support this vision allows The Wholeness to continue to operate and move the projects forward.

Currently The Wholeness is focused on three primary projects:

    Meditating In Old Temple

  • The Crystal Earth Pavilion Project is working to manifest the first Crystal Earth Pavilion near Santa Fe. This is the first step toward the fulfillment of its highest goal — the establishment of nine temples in sacred places on the planet that will act as powerful generators of Earth’s awakening vibrations.
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  • Wholeness-School-Hover

  • The Wholeness School of Sacred Living is offering programs, retreats and instructional classes for individuals to awaken the full potential of their physiology and their consciousness. This project is also developing a training curriculum for those who wish to devote their lives to the knowledge and evolution provided through The Wholeness teachings and programs.
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  • bigstock-Earth-sunrise-North-America-wi-46457575

  • The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project is actively promoting ways for people to tap into the Crystal Seed Grid of Mother Earth’s healing energies. This energy grid is now fully lively due to the efforts of the Crystal Earth Project to plant Crystal Earth Seeds around the globe.
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If you feel drawn to become a Patron of The Wholeness, consider the following patron tiers and benefits:

Patron levels > Pearl Garnet Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond







An invitation to The Wholeness Patrons Annual Workshop*
Special Crystal Earth audio healings
Healing Meditations (eBook)
Wholeness water bottle
Wholeness baseball cap
The Vision, Book 1: Nakai
The Wholeness, Vol I (book)
Daily Healings in Wholeness (online program)
Crystal Earth Pendant (copper)

* The Wholeness Patrons Annual Workshop is an interactive weekend of profound healing and planning for the coming year. We welcome your active participation in the organization in whatever way you are moved to be involved.

Here are some of the key areas your contribution will serve in the coming months:

The Crystal Earth Pavilion team is actively preparing for the construction of a pavilion near Santa Fe. A budget of $50,000 will be used to cover preliminary design, crystal and land search, legal fees, and creation of promotional materials.

The Wholeness School of Sacred Living has been sponsoring regular Elemental Breathing classes across the US and is hoping to establish a community scholarship fund for those who are unable to pay the nominal course fee. This would allow many people in need to receive instruction in this transformational practice. To further serve the community, the School is planning to offer free educational lectures in a variety of locations. Their budget for these activities is $3,350.

The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project team will be traveling to a number of locations to plant Mahavakya Crystal Seeds and give presentations to the public. These important activities serve all of humanity as the Crystal Seed Energy Grid is further enlivened with the planting of each new Seed. The project has a budget of $10,000 to cover the cost of Seeds along with travel and promotional costs.

The Wholeness central organization serves all the projects in a number of essential ways: general administration, customer service, financial management, website design and maintenance, newsletter and email production, payment processes, database maintenance, etc. Other costs include office rent, insurance, bookkeeping, and staff stipends. A budget of $5,000 per month is needed to cover these basic costs.

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