Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Origin and Technology



Big-crystalMahavakya Crystal Technology

The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project is bringing forth a timeless, practical knowledge of Archangelic origin, known as Mahavakya crystal technology.

The ancient word Mahavakya means “great utterance.” It refers to an ageless wisdom and truth that is so profound and foundational, its application can trigger a great leap in spiritual existence and reality.

Mahavakya technology has been used by enlightened civilizations in ages past and distant worlds. It is re-emerging at this special time during our planet’s vibrational up-shift, when its transformational power is most useful and timely for humanity.

Mahavakya crystal technology uses quartz crystals to amplify Earth’s purifying, life-giving energy. It also acts as a tuning fork to align the human physiology with the frequencies of the Earth. This allows the human body to most fully metabolize the enlightening energies that Mother Earth provides.

Quartz crystals have long been engaged for their multidimensional capabilities of amplification, memory, and connectivity. Both individuals and societies have used crystals for a range of very high purposes. Experience has shown, however, that even the most well intended human programming of crystals has yielded mixed results at times.

Significantly, Mahavakya crystal technology is not of human invention and is not based on human manipulation or programming. Suitably chosen and connected crystals are instead administered directly and solely by the divine intelligence of Mother Earth herself. Such powerful, Earth-regulated Mahavakya crystal fields can effectively up-shift humanity’s collective health and awareness.

The Crystal Earth Pavilion will offer this Mahavakya crystal technology for human experience on a significant scale. The Wholeness organization also offers additional models of this Earth-centric crystal technology: Crystal Earth Beacons and Crystal Earth Seeds. Read about them at

Mother EarthThe Healing and Transformational Power of Earth Energy

The Wholeness organization honors a profound truth – that the primordial energy of Mother Earth is mankind’s greatest and most fundamental resource.

Mother Earth is a conscious planetary being. In recent decades, the Earth has experienced a culmination of her own great awakening: a phase transition in cosmic life frequencies unlike any before. The elevation of the life force energy of our planet is of vital importance to each human being on Earth. There is an inseparable relationship between the physiology of the Earth and human physiology. In fact, our human bodies are quite literally cells of Mother Earth. For human health and consciousness to realize its full potential, our physiologies must be fully open to, and aligned with, Earth’s now elevated frequencies.

There are certain places on Earth where the healing, enlightening energy is most lively. People consider these “power spots” or sacred lands. New Mexico, including the Santa Fe area, has long been appreciated for the transformational energy inherent in its lands. The special Earth energies in the Galisteo basin near Santa Fe are ideally suited for the illumination of the first Sacred Earth Pavilion, which will use Mahavakya crystal technology to amplify this already powerful energy, making it most easily accessed and metabolized by humanity.


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