Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Nancy Walker, Treasurer

A Message from Nancy:

Nancy-Lakshmi“Now is the time to get serious about Enlightenment because now the environment is ready to offer its support.

“I look around and see so many friends experiencing a divine metamorphosis into the great Beings they truly are. It is evident that something has changed; that the time for Awakening is here.

“This is truly a unique and pivotal time for the Earth and we have each incarnated here for a very special purpose. Do you feel you are living the purpose you came for? Is it clear to you what that purpose is?

“If you are in an evolutionary rut, now is the time to break free — to leap to a new life, a higher life, a higher purpose and Dharma.

“Don’t waste another day stuck in the same limited life. Now is the time!”

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