Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Lyric Benson, Director of Outreach

LyricA Message from Lyric:

“No matter what you choose to do in your life, no matter how eccentrically wild or conventional your path may feel – nothing is more important than living an awakened life.

“From this awakened state you are fully empowered, you are strong, you are radiant, you are healthy. You have the love of the creative force supporting every activity you do, propelling your actions, guiding your journey. You experientially become infinite God-awareness walking this earth, loving Creation.

“To be the embodiment of God’s love here on Earth is the fulfillment of this incarnation. You are here to play, to love, to enjoy deeply every moment – from a place of deep stability and inner fullness.

“We never have to choose humanity over Divinity, or Divinity over being human – in this life, we are both. You can truly be rock star, an actress, a scientist, a yogi, a saint, a child, a mother or father and simultaneously be fully stable in your God-awareness.

“Why not do it all?

“I am so grateful to be working with The Wholeness to help bring out this message of full integration of life.”

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