Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Santa Fe Crystal Temple Land Use

A Temple Steward is someone the organization trusts with unrestricted access to the 30 acres. They have spent considerable time on the land and have gained a deep understanding of the credo, mission, and protocols of the project. To be qualified as a Temple Steward, an individual receives training from The Wholeness and signs an agreement.


  1. Alessandra Reifslager
  2. Angela Lynch
  3. Ben Adelo
  4. Carol Miseo-Hardin
  5. Diane Datko
  6. Ellen Reifslager
  7. Ken Hardin
  8. Matthew Reifslager
  9. Nancy Kerr-Walker
  10. Walter Reifslager

Temple Stewards may:

  • Go to the land solo (dawn to dusk)
  • Bring others to the land
  • Go to the Temple Sanctum, but not to the Grandmother Crystal

Temple Stewards may not:

  • Camp overnight (except with special permission)
  • Build a fire (except for Matthew, Ben, and Diane)
  • Give out the gates codes (except for Wholeness officers/leadership)

Temple Sanctum protocols:

  • Honor silence
  • Do not approach the Grandmother Crystal (expect during activations)
  • No food
  • No camping
  • No bathroom activity
  • No pets
  • No items or offerings left there

For Temple Stewards who take guests:

  • Ensure they sign the waiver form
  • Inform them about making a donation ($27, or more)
  • Remain with them throughout their visit; ensure guidelines are followed

For Fire Keepers (Matthew, Ben, Diane):

  • Fires in the fire circle only.
  • Keep the grate over the fire at all times.
  • Be within sight of the fire always.
  • Put out the fire with water


Level 1

  1. Bob Sherwin
  2. Denice Sherwin
  3. Mary Langdon

Level 2

  1. Marion Pollack
  2. Arthur Pollack

Apprentices in Level 1 may:

  • Go to the land solo or with another Apprentice or Steward (dawn to dusk)
  • Go on any trails or go to any installations except the Temple Sanctum

Apprentices in Level 2 may:

  • Go to the land with another Apprentice or Steward (dawn to dusk) — may not go solo
  • Go on any trails or go to any installations except the Temple Sanctum

Apprentices may not:

  • Bring anyone else to the land
  • Give out the gates codes
  • Go to the Temple Sanctum (except for Activation days)
  • Camp overnight (except with special permission)
  • Bring pets
  • Build a fire, or light incense, sage, etc.


  • Go with a buddy, when possible. If you go alone, notify someone
  • Drive very slowly when passing the Holian house
  • Stay on marked trails to protect vegetation
  • Honor silence in designated areas
  • Use porta potties for defecation
  • Pack out ALL trash except toilet paper used in the porta potty


  • Site development information and questions – Walter, Angela
  • Campus maintenance & beautification issues (trails, rope down, structures or installations damaged) – Diane, Ben
  • Temple Stewards wanting to organize volunteer days – Diane
  • Questions about Healing Tools (Crystal Seeds, Pendants, Yantras) – Carol
  • Questions about events – Angela, Nancy, Carol
  • To apply for the Temple Stewardship Program – Angela, Nancy
  • Legal issues / run-ins with neighbors, etc. – Angela
  • Approvals to overnight on the land – Angela
  • Opportunities for friends to visit the property – Events and activities will be listed on the website.


Angela Lynch –

Walter Reifslager –

Carol Miseo-Hardin –

Nancy Kerr-Walker –

Ben Adelo –

Diane Datko –


Temple Steward Training Program includes the following topics:

  1. The responsibilities of the Temple Steward, including the essential role that Service plays
  2. The various types of Service
  3. Crystal Earth Project history, mission, and doctrine
  4. Mahavakya Technology — what it is, how it works, and how it is utilized by the Project
  5. Understanding about Crystal Earth Seed plantings around the world
  6. Orientation to the Crystal Earth Healing Tools
  7. Detailed site orientation, including understanding about the Crystal Installations and the Meditation Garden areas
  8. Understanding and protocols associated with the Temple Sanctum
  9. The need and protocols for protecting the sanctity of the land, the structures and installations on the land, and the reputation of The Wholeness
  10. Environmental and safety needs and procedures, including fire safety
  11. The protocols and processes of space holding for bringing others to visit the land
  12. Best ways to talk about the Project and share it with others.

If you are interested in applying for the Temple Stewardship Program, please contact either Angela or Nancy.