Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening


“The Wholeness book is absolutely amazing…I started it not long ago and am just blown away. I bought one copy for my sister in NC and am giving the other two as Christmas presents. I feel that my connection with Mother has grown since I started reading The Wholeness and enjoying the silence in a new way…it is very beautiful. The people I gave The Wholeness books to as gifts absolutely love them!”
—David Dupee, Feb 2015

“During the daily healings my body goes to a very deep state of rest. Often, when I’m in silence, waiting for Divine Mother to speak, I feel some shifting in a particular area of my physiology. Later, during the healing, Divine Mother will address the precise area that I was feeling, and some old ache, or pain, or emotional imbalance that I have been living with will resolve.”
—S.C., Writer from the Midwest

“I really enjoyed my experience on Sunday. Many years back, I used to go to this beautiful meditation center off of Sunset, which I really loved. I think you’ve inspired me to go back there.”
—K.P., Los Angeles

“The Wholeness retreats and all of the other Wholeness programs are responsible for a complete transformation of my life and my consciousness. Every day I feel thankful for the great gift of being included in these programs.”
—N.W., Real Estate Developer, Midwest

“It is so wonderful to be reminded of who I am on a daily basis. I have spent years in science and research, but this is way beyond scientific inquiry.  It is the most loving, compassionate, and Divine experience. It feels as though Divine Mother knows everything about me. She gently guides me into living from my heart and not judging how I have been in the past.”
—K.K., Director of Non-Profit in the Midwest

“What (Matthew is) doing is totally life appropriate, life changing and life giving. What a beautiful gift (he has) to offer.”
—B.N., Housewife

“The whole life has altered, following the natural simplicity and truth of looking for the source of myself within myself. God in the Heart is a very real experience, both physical and esoteric, and the more it is experienced, the more the two have become harmonized.”
—C.J., Baker in Maui

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