Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening


“What (Matthew is) doing is totally life appropriate, life changing and life giving. What a beautiful gift (he has) to offer.”
—B.N., Housewife

“I signed up for the newsletter and received my free audio healing….Wow!! The feeling of peace that came over me was amazing. I also signed up for the 5 day ‘A Taste of The Wholeness’ program and am on day two. I had a very beautiful experience during and after the first audio recording and am looking forward to sitting down with the second. I am also going to sign up for the ‘Daily Healings in Wholeness’ program. Thank you so much!”
—David Dupee, Feb 2015

“I felt that the Breath of God process was like peeling back layers of an onion. With each day and each dedicated and rigorous practice of this new (and correct) way of breathing, I could feel my true nature being revealed, layer-by-layer. While I would say that this process has made me feel different (physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, spiritually…essentially in every possible way), it has not changed me; nothing about me has actually changed. As I said before, the true ‘me’ has been revealed – I was just hiding behind all those layers of emotions, of old habits, of meaningless thought processes, of judgment, of criticism, of burden. It is similar to cleaning a dirty window. When the window is dirty, it is hard to see through it. Once the window is clean, the window itself has not changed, but all the grime, dirt and handprints have been washed away so you can see perfectly clearly through that window, without compromising the integrity of the window. I wake up each morning, and no matter what I feel like, I know that the Breath of God will clean each thought and emotion I have, and that if I have a physical ache or pain or fatigue, it will most certainly dissipate during and after my Breath of God practice is complete. As I shared in the Facilitator’s Training, ‘this is the best I have felt in my entire life.’ I truly do mean this, because, although I have been my ‘true Self’ all along, now I actually believe it.”
—Angela Hardin, Santa Fe

“I really enjoyed my experience on Sunday. Many years back, I used to go to this beautiful meditation center off of Sunset, which I really loved. I think you’ve inspired me to go back there.”
—K.P., Los Angeles

“The daily healing this morning was so thick – permeating, sweet and nourishing. When it was finished I had no desire to move. I was just basking in the richness of the light, love and silence. Even though I could hear a car going by, a door opening, and the birds singing, all the sounds were thickly cushioned in silence.”
—J.M., Businesswoman in the Midwest

“Yes! There was a recognition and a novelty in it all at once. I felt it become just as much a part of being a human being as breathing is. I felt and feel its ‘call,’ its ‘pull’. I also feel the choice to resist and even ignore its existence.  As it “should” be where free will reigns. BUT (during the Daily Healings) I ‘felt/saw’ examples of what personality can become when one loses his/her way from silence/home. I saw a parade of fear-gripped beings all trapped in a constant perpetuation of noise. Words for the sake of words. Thank you. You all are changing the world from the inside out.”
—S.B., California

“The Wholeness retreats and all of the other Wholeness programs are responsible for a complete transformation of my life and my consciousness. Every day I feel thankful for the great gift of being included in these programs.”
—N.W., Real Estate Developer, Midwest

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When we are settled into silence with God we have the capacity to be in eternal love-consciousness; we have the capacity to float in waves of eternal Gratitude, Love and Bliss.

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