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Your life is perfect

Divine Mother says…Wyoming-Trips-072

“Everything you need is right here. The circumstances expressing themselves in your life are perfect — they are of My design.

Breathe the awareness into the heart, beyond all form in physiology. This is where I reside. And we breathe the awareness into the heart only to discover that… the heart has been the source of awareness all along.

In order to change the world you must leave it behind — even if only for a moment.

The most effective way of shifting circumstance is to metaphorically ‘walk away’ from the circumstances. If there is some dynamic you are not appreciating, coming back to your silence is far more effective, far more effective, than thrusting yourself into the circumstances.

And here is why.

If you are not enjoying the Wholeness of God in the heart, the circumstances become your identity as you work to solve them. And if you have lost your identity in the circumstances, I promise you, you have lost most of your power because your power resides with Me.

If you could follow this wisdom whole heartily, all of the time, you would not even recognize your life in a short while. But, circumstances are the mind’s favorite playground — problems are the mind’s favorite playground.

So, when there is a problem the tendency is to dive into it, or avoid it: both actions dictated by the problem with permission from the mind — either way, the problem has become your identity through identification.

Even in that moment, come home to Me in the heart.

When you breathe the awareness into the heart there is a natural unfoldment of God-awareness; which means, some awareness however subtle, that you are God — simple truth.

This is the only place to solve problems from — the only place to shift circumstances spontaneously.

It is so difficult to honor this law of nature because the mind is so habituated in its actions, in its addiction to identifying with circumstances and problems.

Always come home to Me even in that moment of difficulty, in that moment of heightened circumstance, in the face of that problem. Try it always.

You are far more powerful coming home to Me, coming home to Mother Divine in the heart, than you are diving even further into the problem with that spearhead called the mind. Since the mind takes on the characteristics of the environment spontaneously, and the environment does not always contain the solution, you must bring it with your God-awareness, because so frequently your God-awareness is the solution.

Coming home to the heart, God in the heart — Always… always… and always…and always.”

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