Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

You can be satisfied today – fulfilled right now!

Divine Mother says…Maui-Beach

“Are you satisfied?

“I want you to enjoy fulfillment in your life. You are such a beautiful human being, and you are such a beautiful incarnation… Can you be satisfied? Can you be satisfied?

“I am asking you this because it’s important we distinguish between the fully awakened and surrendered being and the being still living in ignorance on Earth.

“You see when you are living in ignorance your motivation is very real — your motivation in life to accomplish this and that — always seeking fulfillment. This drive is very real. You are looking to be fulfilled and so you act and act and act and act and go and go and go… and then you look at the fully awakened being and from the outside looking in, there may not be much difference, you may see the awakened or surrendered being going and going and going and acting and acting and acting, and so you think ‘ah, these are essentially the same things — all I need to do is keep doing what I’m doing and eventually I will be awakened’.

“And this is not necessarily the case. The alignment between them (unclear phrase) the alignment between the awakened being and the unawakened being and the awakened being only appears to be present. You see, the awakened being is not acting to find fulfillment, the awakened being is acting because he or she is fulfilled — already. And this is what I want you to know, you can be satisfied today, fulfilled right now; My love resides in your heart and My love is your fulfillment.

“This substance that is infinite Divine love is in that safe within your own heart. This is the seat of a very real active divine intelligence and your experience of this intelligence is always in radiant love even if it is manifesting as cutting intelligence or brilliant action, even if it is manifesting as awakened sleep or settled meditation.

“I want you to know, the awakened being is not seeking fulfillment — the awakened being is fulfilled.

“I love you.

“Fulfillment is not so much a state of emotion as it is a state of Being. If you are always trying to fulfill your emotional body I can already tell you it is a lost cause and here is why: a lack of fulfillment is an illusion. Trying to feed the emotional body fulfillment is like trying to feed a newscaster on television. The newscaster on television cannot except food through the TV, the newscaster on television is in their own world — a world that is not accessed through the TV. It is only an illusion that the newscaster is in the room, it is an illusion that your emotional body is anything more than a house of mirrors. So, you cannot feed your emotional body fulfillment.

“The emotional body is an echo chamber, this means that when you have an experience it echoes and resonates and amplifies and so when you are feeling into your emotional body you are feeling into is past experiences whose resonance is very lively. You feel this in your awareness and so you say: to be fulfilled I must have this. And yet you are looking to be fulfilled through a memory, a memory metabolized and distorted through other memories. In this way, emotional fulfillment is illusory, but true fulfillment is not.

“I love you. I love you.

“This is true fulfillment: being with your awareness in your heart there is a door that is not a door, a flower that is not a flower, this is the doorway of love that is leading to that eternal and infinite room of bliss.

“The fulfillment you are seeking is just around the corner, specifically, it is just right here in your heart. The emotional yearning you feel to be fulfilled in this or that is an echo of a more fundamental yearning and that yearning is union with God.

“God does not reside in the emotions — god resides in your heart. This is why being with your awareness in your heart is that path of true fulfillment and it changes the status and health of the emotional body to sick and lonely to healthy and fulfilled.”

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