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Who are you and why are you here?

DaisiesAre you your mind?

Your mind understands life through the memories from this lifetime. These memories are based on environmental input from human collective consciousness and limited experience in a challenging world.

Naturally, the mind thinks, “There is me and there is the world”. However, the full trajectory of life cannot be understood by the mind because the mind is not designed to understand big pictures.

So if you are more than your mind, who are you? The most grand, most cosmic answer is:

You are God. You are the Creator.

The Structure of Creation


First is infinite unmanifest God—pure consciousness, pure light.

And then God gives rise to the soul. The soul is the first manifestation, the first individual expression, of God. The soul knows God eternally and completely because the soul is God.

And then the soul occupies itself with enjoying creation.

For example, the soul may incarnate as an archangelic being; that then incarnates as a great master of awakening; that then incarnates in human form; and then takes the human form through death as an ascended master; and then re-incarnates again as a human being. This is just one of the limitless possibilities of the soul’s journey through its own creation.

Whatever the journey of your soul, you are a great and wise Being, a Great Being of Light, and you are enjoying the play of creation.

So you are the mind and its experiences, but you are also the Great Being of Light that incarnated as the human being.

This Great Being of Light understands that in taking a human physiology there will be some memory loss. And so it is natural that with memory loss, the mind, which is the primary mode of functioning for the human physiology, bases its identity on whatever it experiences on earth. This is why you might mistake yourself for someone helpless, or poor, or incapable, or uncertain, or sick. Your understanding is very limited when you function with limited knowledge, limited memory.

However, the deeper reality is that you are a Great Being of Light, and this Being of Light is your already-awakened Self; the part of you that understands all of the Universe’s play.

Now is the time to remember.

Your Human Being

The human physiology is designed as a vehicle for the soul, just as the soul is designed as a vehicle for God Awareness.

The human physiology is technically an extension of your soul physiology. Just as the human being dons a suit to enjoy the workplace, and a spacesuit to enjoy the cosmos, so the soul simply dons the human physiology in order to enjoy this realm of creation. It is as simple as this.

bigstock-unity-and-strength-19275227The beauty of the human physiology is that it allows for that full experience of God along with the unique properties of the emotional body, the senses of perception, and even the spine and its connectivity to the great Being that is Mother Earth. This is what makes wearing a human physiology so worthwhile.

The Seat of God in Your Human Body

Although it can be said that divinity is everywhere, in the fabric of all things, there exists a junction point in the human physiology of infinite God and human awareness. This junction point is in the most subtle, subtle, subtle structures of your chest cavity.

God is in your heart..

Here in your heart resides the doorway to God, the seat of sublime and infinite Bliss Consciousness.

This doorway to God can be experienced as a pulsating point of pure light; the Light of God. This is your divine Light — the universal divine Light; the birthing force of creation.

The doorway to this Light can also be described as shaped or formed like a lotus — a lotus flower that is not a lotus flower. It is a lotus that is not a lotus because it doesn’t have a form and yet it is absolutely the highest element of the human physiology.

The Light of your Being pours forth from your heart and manifests as all of creation. Your heart contains the whole story of creation: everything that has been and everything that will be is contained in those most subtle structures of your own heart.

The Role of Mother Earth

The greatest aspect of your physiology is not your hands or your brain or your feet or your lungs. The greatest aspect of your physiology is earth; it is your connectedness with the great Being that is Mother Earth.

Your human physiology is a cell in earth physiology.

In fact, the entire cosmic structure is available to you through your physiology.

Mother EarthYou see, Mother Earth is part of the Solar-being, just as you are part of the Earth-being; and the Solar-being is part of the Galactic-being; and the Galactic-being is part of the Super Galactic being; and the Super-Galactic being is part of the Universal-being; and the Universal-being is part of the Creational-being; and the Creational-being is a part of the infinite network of birthing Gods—all of which happen to be you!

This is how Unity Consciousness is routed in your physiology. This is how Unity Consciousness grows with all of Creation. It begins with Unity with Mother Earth, which is already a physiological reality. As this Unity grows, so Unity with all forms of Mother Earth blossom — all beings of the earth; all expressions of the earth. And then you begin to perceive that all of multi-dimensional and multi-galactic Creation is part of this same Unity.

This is coming home. Mother Earth is home. This body of yours is home.

You are connected to all of the cosmos through Mother Earth—all of the celestial realms; even those highest frequencies of Divinity.

So in this way, there is nothing left to do. You already are that which you seek. All that’s needed is to remember.

Your Divine Purpose

Your incarnation on Earth is for a reason; for a great purpose. And that purpose is beyond karmic obligation. The idea that you came here to “work things out” is a misunderstanding. You came here because you are a great, already-awakened Being with a role to play in helping humanity.

Now is the time to remember who you truly are.

NOW is the time to come home to God in your heart.

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It’s so easy to think that God-awareness is a goal you need to attain. No. God-awareness is an ever-present reality in your physiology. All you need to do is remember your divine identity.

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