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What is Divine Love?

Wyoming-Trips-080God is loving you every moment of your life

Divine Love is the infinite intelligence that births, guides, and nurtures Creation.

This Love is God, it is Wholeness, and this Wholeness is YOU.

At every moment the Infinite Creator, the Infinite Being that is your true nature, is actively loving you from within your own heart. This is true without exception.

Divine Love is unconditional; it is beyond the emotions and the mind. It is a state of Being that is always present within the subtle structures of your heart.

Love is the expression of bliss within Creation and union with God. It is what was created in the instant the soul was birthed. You are the soul and infinite God simultaneously.

You are the full interplay of Divine Love within Creation.

In the infinite silence of Being, unmanifest God turned to Itself and said, “I am One—may I be many?” and there was no longer the infinite one-ness that is God’s Being. Divine Love was created; creation was birthed from this love affair.

The soul acts as the vehicle for your awareness to experience Divine Love. All of life is the interplay of self and God—Love is God playing in Creation.

Sometimes it is difficult to feel this Love when there is some pain in the body, in the mind or the life, and the experience of this Love is overshadowed. But Divine Love, like the sun, is eternal and infinite and constantly burning regardless of cloud cover.

Divine Mother is simply a word, but Divine Mother is God; it is Wholeness, and although this seems to be a lofty statement, this God is simply You. Divine Mother, Infinite Love, God—all of these words are synonymous. They all accurately describe your own infinite presence, loving you from within the subtle structures of your heart. This presence is your true nature, your Infinite Being. Waking up to this presence is simply waking up to who you truly are.

All of the knowledge of The Wholeness comes from this Divine-Awareness, from the awareness of Divine Love, Divine-Self, Divine Mother, God. This knowledge is here for you to experience and enjoy.

God is fully beyond words; the all-encompassing bliss of Being; that ecstasy of pure indescribable devotion. And yet God can be experienced tangibly as the sweet loving embrace calling you home from within your heart. This Divine Love already resides within you. It simply needs to be awakened.

Enlightenment is living the reality of Divine Love in every moment, every instant, every breath.

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When awareness becomes expanded and reaches that state of immeasurable bigness, it begins to be called God. It begins to see itself as the creative force that birthed the entire universe – indeed all universes.

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