Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

The 5 Elemental Centers of the Physiology

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“If we want to be really simple about it, there are really only two things – self and God; matter and Spirit; the manifest and the unmanifest.

“Regarding matter, regarding self; you have the Elemental Physiology to take care of these. The Elemental Physiology is shorthand for the whole physiology, the whole spectrum of human experience on earth.

“Just as earth physiology is made of the five elements, so human physiology is as well, and it is governed by these five centers of the body.

“When the five Elemental Centers of the physiology have been fully mastered, the spirit that is the eternal Self emerges to play – not only in your awareness but as your awareness, as your identity.

“This is your responsibility to matter or self – the Elemental Physiology.

“Then what is your responsibility to the unmanifest; to Spirit; to God as consciousness? Your responsibility is to become this consciousness; to know and re-identify with this consciousness. This is achieved through the mechanics of God in your Heart.

“God is in your heart; God is in the universal heart; God is most immediately found at that junction point of immortal physiology and human physiology. We call this junction point your heart. And because this is not just another point in the physiology – but it is the universal divine point, the point of conception or manifestation of the entire human experience – it holds a special and sacred place in creation.

“So God in the Heart refers to your relationship with the eternal God-self. And indeed God in the Heart corresponds most directly to space physiology – the head cavity.

“You see, as we work through, and work through, and work through; and refine, and refine, and refine; earth physiology in the pelvic structure, water physiology in the lower digestive system, fire physiology in the solar plexus and central abdomen, air physiology in the lungs and chest cavity, we come to the head cavity – what we can call space or consciousness – thought, knowingness. This is the seat of individual human consciousness.

“And it is very elegantly the role of this human consciousness seated in the head cavity and brain physiology, to come home to its conception point.

“God in the Heart is the crown that the Elemental Physiology wears. And yet it is so great, so infinite, that God in the Heart is also a far leap beyond the grossness of the Elemental Physiology. But it is the absolute fulfillment of the head cavity, the individual human consciousness, to realize its greatness beyond all form as the Creator; as the great Creator of creation.

“Look at the elegance of this very simple understanding of your incarnation: earth physiology indicates that on a gross level Mother Earth has birthed this vehicle, and total awakening requires an energetic relationship that is so complete and grounded that the identity is far more associated with Mother Earth and Mother Nature than it is with this sliver of human collective unconsciousness that encircles the globe.

“Water physiology indicates the nourishment, indeed the substance the body is made of. And in order for the physiology to be not only radiantly healthy, but radiantly conscious, it must be aligned with the very substance that it is made of. It must be only holding, digesting, that which is as pure as Mother Earth itself. And so we only consume these simple forms of Mother Earth.

“Fire physiology, the digestive fire, is not only made to digest food, it is indeed the fire that sits at the center of the body. It digests earth energy, and food energy, and breath energy, and indeed conscious energy – or the energy of the emotional body. When it is dead in your belly, how can you expect to grow into higher states of consciousness? Ah, but when it is fully alive, yes, then you are prepared, because the consciousness has the fire of God breathing in the body – always ready to change, to shift, to transform the gross to the subtle to the subtle to the unmanifest and infinite.

“The chest cavity – the seat of that elemental level of air physiology – links you with that which is pure energy, prana, breath; but that which is still very much of the elemental realm, very much of the earthly realm. When these lower centers of the body are firing and functioning correctly; air physiology – indeed the prana of the air – becomes your most refined source of energy.

“And when the body is utilizing breath to its highest degree, you are then ready to experience and know the true power of the mental bodies – the true power of human identity.

“You are a powerful being on the brink of mastery of creation. Indeed, many beings would be happy to sit here because the ego is still in control. And the ego can pretend to be master of creation because it is enjoying so much power in this human body.

“But instead, the wisest know to seek that eternal liberation which exists at an even more fundamental level than the Elemental Physiology, and yet still a part of your human physiology. And this is that seat of God in your heart, cosmic physiology or God physiology. Here infinite Mother Divine, infinite consciousness, resides. And we engage that process of God in the Heart – favoring gratitude, and love, and then bliss. And the spontaneous integration of the infinite unmanifest and the infinite manifest takes place.

“And what is this experience? It is, ‘I am the Creator, I am all powerful, I am all loving. I am pure bliss-consciousness. And I have taken this form to better serve My Creation, My Creation. This is My Creation.’?

“This is the point. This is your creation. But you will not know it until you know Me. And you will not know Me until you know unconditional love and then pure bliss-consciousness. For I am bliss-awareness manifested as love in creation.

“Take care of this physiology. It is the only way to know God here on Earth.”

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