Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Stellar Creation

CosmosMatthew shares divine understanding about the role of multi-dimensional and multi-stellar creation in assisting the awakening of humanity.

Great Beings Are Here To Help On Earth

“There is a great urgency in awakening now. God Realization is the only appropriate state to receive and understand the vast knowledge and structure of creation.

“It is a vast universe, an infinite creation, and the five senses are not enough to perceive the goings on. It is time to start perceiving the vastness of creation. If you insist upon holding onto a simple human perspective, you deny yourself the vastness of who you are.

“When the human being awakens, the devic realm (manifestations of the light bodies of Divine Mother Earth) and the angelic realm (cosmic servants of the divine plan) gather in support and celebration. These two races of Beings are helping to manage the awakening of God in the heart of every human being on Mother Earth.

“The devas and the angels are already your constant companions. The devas are the great Beings that manage all of My creation. Every law of nature, every law of functioning, including cellular functioning, is managed by the devas, the devic realm.

“Some of these Beings have incarnated in human form; many others did not. It has been a phenomenal effort of coordination — so many high races from so many parts of My creation, all contributing to this awakening of a planet, and more. This is the time to awaken to your soul lineage. For you are so much greater than a human being.”
—Matthew, from The Daily Wholeness Healings

Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Stellar Creation

“Let us begin to explore some of the multi-dimensional tapestry that Mother Earth is woven into.

“You have heard of other star systems? These star systems are more advanced in many, many ways than humanity collectively is. We could say there are dozens, or even hundreds, of star systems with Earth on their radar.

“What makes these systems distinctly different than Earth is that these beings are consciously multi-dimensional. They consciously and actively perceive and engage in multiple dimensional levels of creation.

“Those societies that are most connected karmically with Mother Earth have developed unique ways for interacting and participating with Earth consciousness. They have developed access points to incarnate their own consciousness in human form. You have heard of saints who can switch from body to body — yogis, sidhas, masters of particular laws of nature. This is the same principle being applied, and the truth is, you know how to do this as well. You came through these gates I am describing.

“It should be understood that none of these beings have any sort of control over the Goddess that is Mother Earth. Just because an eagle roosts above a lake does not mean the eagle owns the lake. So, some may call these access points, gateways or portals, and what this indicates is there is some huge aspect of reality that is not being described in collective consciousness. There is some huge aspect of reality that is unexplained between your human being-ness and your absolute divinity as God — it’s just a remarkably complex creation.

“The reason we talk about the existence of this multi-dimensional creation — this multi-stellar creation — is because it gives an accurate glimpse of where humanity is going and what this awakening on Mother Earth really means.

“First wake up to Divine Mother, your own shining divinity, and then I will show you creation. It is yours.”
—Matthew, from The Wholeness Immersion Weekend, Jackson Hole, Wyoming 3.11.11

Devotional Practices to Mother Earth

­“This planetary being you reside upon is so great, so worthy of worship, indeed there are many other planets in multi-dimensional creation where the entire population is performing yagyas (devotional practices) in honor of Mother Earth.

“Mother Earth is experiencing her own great enlightenment. When a being does what this being is doing, it gains the attention of so many societies throughout creation. This is why there is some difficulty in locating a human physiology to incarnate in here. Those who did not have a spot, they incarnate on another planetary being in order to gain the good graces, the attention, of this one.

“There are not a lot of planets devoted to this practice: six right now. But when the entire population is performing yagya, the effect can be very powerful. Let’s just say your life here is very precious, the opportunity is very great.

“Who you find out you are through memory, through soul’s awakening, will surprise you. But remember, beyond this great identity, you are infinite Wholeness — you are God. Beyond God you are the birthing force of creation. Full enlightenment is to know this.”
—Matthew, from The Wholeness Whole Life Retreat, Jackson Hole, Wyoming 1.8.11

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