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Gratitude Brings Divine Love and Bliss

The pure presence of absolute divine infinity is called BLISS.

Bliss is the nature of infinite God. Bliss is your infinite nature — your consciousness expanded into infinity is known as Bliss.

As this bliss begins to move, it is given a new name — and this name is LOVE. So your true nature is Bliss and Love.

In order to experience your true nature as divine Bliss and divine Love, two things must occur:

  • One is some expansion of awareness. That is, awareness must expand beyond the confines of being constantly identified with your limited human individuality (my purse, my wallet, my husband, my wife, my marriage, my divorce). All of these things exist on that level of life that is contracted, finite, not infinitely expanded.
  • The other process necessary for the presence of God to blossom in the awareness and the life is directing the mind toward love for God — directing the awareness toward Love. This is what reveals the truth of creation and allows the awareness to expand from big to infinite, even from huge to infinite.

Expansion of awareness happens automatically when it is not gripping or holding onto something, because the nature of life is to expand and grow. The expansion of awareness happens spontaneously when it is not locked into some limited reality — this thought, that thought, this person, that person, this victory, that betrayal, and on and on and on.If a man has one hundred dollars and then is given one thousand, can the man say: “Ah this is the experience of infinity?” No. Although one thousand is significantly more than 100, it is not infinity. In the same way, your awareness can expand, expand, expand — but to become infinite it needs to make a leap.

This leap occurs through the process of devotion. Ultimately, all beings that perceive the truth that they are God and are playing in the creation they created as God, come to this experience through devotion.

However, devotion to God and love for God are not easily contrived.

more gratitudeLuckily there is a simple practice that serves as a bridge for culturing love and devotion for God. It”s the simple practice of GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is the elixir of life.Gratitude births Love and Love births Bliss.

If you want to experience the reality that God is Love, Love is God, and the nature of your own pure presence is God, then from the level of your humanity, allow gratitude to be your great practice.

Gratitude for God leads directly to the experience of God’s presence, which leads directly to the embodiment of God’s presence, which leads directly to becoming God’s presence on the level of experience.

Gratitude is the foundation of experiencing God in your heart. If God in the heart is not occurring spontaneously, depend on the practice of gratitude. Do not underestimate the power of gratitude or your capacity to experience it even in moments of supreme challenge.

If you desire to manifest this aspect or that aspect in your life, to fulfill this desire or that desire, just be in gratitude. Practice gratitude.

Let your prayers reflect gratitude rather than requests.

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