Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

God’s Love is Very Real

The flow of grace from your heart into the hearts of others and the whole world is God’s love.

God’s love is not abstract, or theoretical, or hopeful. It is not birthed by your mind, or your thinking, or your emotions.

Yellowstone1When your awareness expands deep into the structures of infinity in your heart, God’s love reveals itself to be the birthing force of creation.

This love is the whole purpose of life. It flows from God, through all of creation, to you – and from you, through your multi-dimensional physiology, to God.

God is infinite awareness — your infinite awareness.

The nature of God is BLISS.

The flow of this bliss is LOVE.

The humanity of this love is GRATITUDE.

This is the Nature of your Godliness in different states of consciousness, from divinity beyond creation, to divinity as creation, to humanity within creation.

As you are to come home to the infinity of God’s love, and therefore your love, the connection with grace begins with gratitude.

Bliss may not be available to you now. Love may not be available to you now. But gratitude is always available to you now. It may be cultured and cultivated at all times.

Be with your awareness in your heart. Is gratitude present? Be with the gratitude that you can find — father, mother, sister, brother — and follow these bread crumbs of expanded awareness home to God.

Love for God is God’s love. God resides in your heart, as your heart.

You are God’s love for God.

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Gratitude towards God; gratitude for God: This leads directly to the experience of God’s presence, which leads directly to the embodiment of God’s presence, which leads directly to becoming God’s presence on the level of experience.

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