Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

God is in Your Heart

God has an exalted throne in our heart from which to enjoy creation

At the moment infinite God-awareness takes a human physiology, that first spark of individual consciousness manifests in your heart.

Although it can be said that the infinite Divine presence is everywhere, in the fabric of all things, the junction point of infinite God with individual human awareness has a home. It is not just anywhere; it is in your heart.

Your heart, your spiritual heart, is the seat of Divine awareness in the physiology. It is in this space, in the most subtle structures of this region, where your God-presence births creation. Here, in the most subtle, subtle, subtle structures of your chest resides the doorway to God.  Your heart is the sacred doorway of God, the seat of sublime and infinite bliss consciousness.

This doorway to God can best be described as a pulsating point of pure light. This is the light of God. This is your divine light. The universal divine light, the birthing force of creation.

The doorway to this light can be described as shaped or formed like a lotus—a lotus flower that is not a lotus flower. It’s the lotus that is not a lotus because it doesn’t actually have a form and yet it is absolutely the highest element of the human physiology.

The light of your Being pours forth from your heart and manifests as all of creation. Your heart contains the whole story of creation: everything that has been and everything that will be is contained in those most subtle structures of your own heart.

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The only part of you that can know God is the God within you – as you. The only part of you that can be completely free from suffering forever, is the part of you that is not suffering right now. It is the part of you that has never suffered.

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