Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Favor Gratitude and Your Power Will Grow

Divine Mother says…Yellowstone1

“The awareness that is in your heart, in the subtle structures of your heart, this is where your greater perception resides.

“You see, it’s fine if your perception with the senses is what it is. You perceive people and places and objects; you hear isolated sounds.

“But there’s an awareness residing in your heart that actually perceives the truth of things – perceives the unity of all things. It’s why this perception is sometimes called ‘unity consciousness,’ when all things are recognized – not intellectually, but intuitively – to be of the same substance. And this substance is divine light.

“Light is the first form of God. Light is the first form of the cosmos. As soon as Creation — any creation — is born, there is light. This light is very much like the light you perceive with the eyes – with the senses – and yet what you are perceiving with divine light, is the light even in the darkness; the light that is in all things. The perception of this light, even in the early morning in darkness, is an indicator of awakening.

“Divine light.

“It’s a sweet and powerful reality that you are awakening to. And the reason there is the gentle encouragement to be with your awareness in your heart even in activity is because it’s time to break the old habits and patterns of perception at all costs. And being with your awareness in your heart means just that. It means while you are opening the fridge searching for a piece of fruit, while you are walking on the beach, while you sit in front of the computer engaged in chores or work, the awareness is being with the heart; favoring that gentle experience of whatever comes.

“But, we’re looking for some gratitude, some love for God, some bliss of Being even in activity.

“And if the bliss fades, or is overshadowed, it’s perfect. Step back into looking for the love for God. And if the love for God fades, it’s perfect. Simply step back into that receptivity to gratitude. You see, gratitude is the same thing as total bliss; the simple bliss of Being. Gratitude is this simple bliss of Being – just grosser, just more accessible to the dense vibrational state that humanity generally resides within.

“In activity perhaps you are engaged in solving some problem, and the mind thinks: “No, no, I can’t feel any gratitude now because it’s a waste of time. It’s not productive enough for what I need to accomplish now. I can’t be in the heart, be with the heart, because I’ve got too much to do.”

“Guess what. Your mind has been wrong before. Isn’t that the truth? Your mind has been wrong before.

“When you cultivate an endless stream of gratitude, and the awareness is constantly and eternally returning to more subtle structures of your chest cavity, your heart,  your capacity for powerful action is actually growing.

“Now, here is the catch; here is a very important distinction. The mind may be perceiving that it is losing some power, some grip on the world, because all of your awareness is not identifying with the mind. And you know, the mind is right, here. The mind is right, here.

“But see, you are not your mind. Or rather, you are not only your mind. You are also an infinite and powerful consciousness beyond the silliness of your thoughts and the progression of all of your thoughts and emotions.

“This is what you are engaging – tapping into – throughout the day when you favor this gratitude, this love, this bliss, this heart-based existence. You are tapping a greater power. And somehow, without straining, more is being accomplished. More is being accomplished without the mind needing to be in charge.

“It’s a beautiful thing.

“You are loved. You are loved. This love is residing and pulsating from your own heart. The reason you are looking to feel love for God is actually so that you can feel God’s love for you. It’s the same spectrum; the same highway of exchange.

“The reason you are looking to feel love for God is very selfish and very holy, because feeling love for God allows you to feel the cosmos’ eternal love for you.

“So, it’s very good.

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