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Discovering God in your Heart

bigstock-Grandfather-Mountain-Appalachi-45107458You Are the God You Seek

In your heart you realize you are the God you seek.

We say the heart is the junction point of infinite God and human awareness, but we can also say that the heart is where the self becomes God.

On that level of manifest physiology, and on that level of consciousness birthing creation, your supreme heart is where it is all initiated.

All of Creation is born from your heart. Or rather, we can say that all Creation is born from this manifestation point, this junction point of the infinite beingness of God and the magical play of everything else.

This relationship of self and God is not only a description of the mechanics of manifesting creation, it is also the actual mechanics that give rise to creation.

The Process of Finding God

Can you perceive all of life from this perfect seat of consciousness? The good news is yes, absolutely you can. This God-consciousness is already part of the spectrum of your own consciousness. It does not need to be developed; it does not need to be chiseled from stone.

All we need to do is nurture the physiology. Your human physiology is capable of great things. It is the home of God, the home of your soul, and an extension of Mother Earth. By activating what we can call the subtle componentry of the body we are open to being much more powerful. And more powerful simply means more expanded.

HeartVery gently let your awareness come to your heart. When your awareness comes to your heart the subtle structures of your physiology begin to run the show. These subtle structures of the chest cavity strengthen, nourish, and transform each level of the physiology. And most importantly, they strengthen, nourish, and transform the awareness as well.

Self and God Together

We do not need to think of the individual becoming God as some magical transformation, like trying to turn a tricycle into a car. This would be a daunting task. No, we don’t try to turn one into the other. We simply own both.

When we want to use the car, we step off of the tricycle and jump into the car. We don’t try to add a fourth wheel and an engine to the tricycle. In this same way, the car — God awareness — is already established in your physiology. It is already parked in your driveway. When you realize you are God, this is not the death of the individual mind, the individual awareness. You are simply remembering that you own more than the tricycle. You also own the car.

The tricycle is good for playing just like the mind is good for playing. But the automobile is so much more essential, practical, efficient, and sublime.

Isn’t it wonderful to know you don’t have to fix the tricycle to own the car? You don’t need to fix every thought in your mind to have God-awareness.

You are already divine, even if you have forgotten. Settling your awareness into your heart activates the subtle structures of your physiology and supports the awakening of your already-established divine awareness, your divine identity as God.

The quality of each moment can shift, can change. You are not stuck on the tricycle. You leave that for times of play because it has its place. You are flying down the highway in your automobile — the physiology of God, the physiology of God-awareness.

Wholeness is here; has always been here; will always be here.

God loves you from your heart. And this love is transformational. The transformation is not turning the tricycle into the automobile. The transformation is remembering that the tricycle is only for play.

So your mind is for play and you are God for everything else.

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When awareness becomes expanded and reaches that state of immeasurable bigness, it begins to be called God. It begins to see itself as the creative force that birthed the entire universe – indeed all universes.

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