Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Coming Home

So many beautiful paths lead home to God in your heart. Creation is birthed when the infinite Divine Self takes a limited individual identity. And creation is complete when the limited individual identity blossoms back into the unlimited Divine Self. The purpose of incarnation on earth is the cultivation of the conscious relationship of self and God in one awareness. This means that the awareness enjoys its infinite Divine Self. God collapses into the limited individual self, and then re-expands from individual to infinite. This is your awareness in every moment — enjoying that unfoldment of infinite God to individual self. But the journey is not complete until the individual self returns to infinite Divinity. You have incarnated in the densest, grossest regions of creation; into a collective consciousness that is object referral from top to bottom. This is all you need to awaken from. You just need to overcome some long standing habits of physiology and some powerful collective consciousness of billions of human beings. That is all.

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When we are settled into silence with God we have the capacity to be in eternal love-consciousness; we have the capacity to float in waves of eternal Gratitude, Love and Bliss.

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