Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Aligning the body with the energetic fields of Mother Earth

Divine Mother says…Wyoming-Trips-080

“What is the greatest obstacle to knowing that you are divine — to knowing your full and total memory as a great being?

“The greatest obstacle is human collective consciousness.

“That is, all of the interactions throughout the day take their toll on your awareness because the focus is on this thing and that thing and that thing. It distracts you from who you truly are; it distracts you from the bliss of your own Being.

“So how do we limit this effect of human collective ignorance on the life?


“We bring the physiology, this physiology of consciousness, this human body, into total alignment with the energetic fields of Mother Earth.

“When you do this, spontaneously you have greater clarity of awareness, you have greater truth in thoughts, you have greater lightness in the emotional body, and you also have something else, something special… you have a more powerful physiology. You have a healthier body.

“This foundational level of human physiology is Earth physiology.

“Mother Earth is a part of your physiology — there is no separation.

“You see, God is always in the heart, but God in the heart is enjoyed in your reality. That is, your true power is enjoyed as your reality when the energetic body is clear. And this is the foundational step — grounding.

“See about limiting that unconscious participation in collective consciousness. Because if you can keep it from being unconscious even when you are participating in collective consciousness there is some healing presence in your awareness: ‘Ah I am participating here in collective consciousness, but there is no identity with it because my true identity is in my groundedness’.

“I love you.

“My light is guiding your life. It is unfolding the day. The more you are grounded, the more this is your experience.

“Have a wonderful day.”

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