Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

A Message from Divine Mother

Divine Mother says…IMG_0701

“And this most sacred healing begins.

“This is the time of self and God, this is the time for the body to heal and awaken. And so, we could call this your time.

“And when we enjoy this time, a nice way to receive is to sit comfortably with some awareness that the spine is erect. An equally good way to receive is lying down if there is some fatigue.

In this silence the physiology takes advantage of restructuring frequencies — different vibrations of energy emitted by this self-referral process. Sometimes the body responds to these frequencies by wanting to move. The body has been designed to move and there is no reason to equate stillness with evolution, so we let the body move as it wants to. This takes some trust in the body’s intelligence, so let the physiology guide your movement.

“A very simple point is: you are the soul incarnated in this physiology. You are a soul before you are you… well before you are this body. This is an essential and nearly universal truth: you are a Being of Light and then you are a human being.

“The complexities of creation beyond the one experience through this physiology are so vast and beautiful. We could call life as a human being quite simple up to now. But you have incarnated for ‘the Awakening’ and so, we could say, life is growing more complex even as it is growing in its simplicity.

“Awakening physiology.

“This is the full integration of body and soul. This is the culmination of intelligence, awareness. And with the blossoming of Mother Earth now, the culmination of power.

“Awakening physiology. Nourished physiology.

“These days the body is awakening — the soul is stepping forward in the dynamic of dharma and life. And with this, we can expect some shift in habits of where the attention is going every day — how the mind is metabolizing everything — how much we are engaged in the dance of collective consciousness, yes? And the simple intention is to follow through with the impulses.

“No reason for habits to hold you back from Enlightenment. It is a fine line between habit and addiction. But what is beautiful is the intertwined pattern of habit and addiction — addiction to ways of thinking, collective consciousness, public ritual.

The grip is ending!

“And so, the opportunity is to refine the life even more.

“I will help you.

“I love you. It’s a very sacred time to be incarnated on Earth.


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