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Matthew in PrayerGratitude is the elixir of life. If you want to experience the reality that God is love, and love is God, and the nature of your own pure presence is God – is love, then on that level of being human, on that level of your humanity, allow gratitude to be your great practice.

Prayer of Gratitude

“Dear, dear God; dear Divine Mother; dearest Divine Father, thank you for this existence. Thank you for this life. Thank you for this opportunity for my smallness to become bigness and my bigness to enjoy smallness.

“Thank you for the perception of my own shortcomings, the capacity to perceive shortcomings within myself, the capacity to see that all shortcomings are just an illusion.

“Dear God, thank you for the love that is present in my life, for the flaws that are present in my life. Thank you even for the sadness that complements the happiness.

“Thank you for the capacity to feel gratitude at all times. Thank you for the opportunity to feel gratitude at all times. Dear God, thank you for your pure presence radiant in my own heart. Truly, thank you for the infinity of your presence. Thank you, God.

“Thank you for the presence of pure love in every situation of my life, even when that love is hidden from view. And thank you for that love sometimes hiding from view so that I may experience the gratitude and the love in finding that which is missing.

“Dear God, thank you for God. Thank you for God. Thank you that consciousness is conscious, that the universe is. Thank you for the capacity to perceive truth and beauty. Thank you for the capacity to experience love and the blessings of free will.

“Thank you for this body and its capacities—the capacity to experience bliss on a physical level, pain on a physical level, joy, elation, freedom on physical levels. Thank you for my own infinite potential.

“Dear God, dear infinity that resides as my true identity within the subtle structures of my own heart and beyond into infinity. Thank you God for this life. Thank you for both the smallness of my mind and the bigness of my Being. Thank you for this time. Dear God, thank you for revealing yourself to be that which I truly am.

“I love you, God.”

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