Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Have the Courage to Live for Evolution

Daisies at sunriseDivine Mother says…

“I love you. There is a presence in your awareness that is always saying I love you.

“The key to successful living is to let this love run your life. How do you let this love run your life? Surrender. When this love guides you, act on it.

“I love you.

“What does this love compel you to do? It doesn’t require you to be fearless, but it does require you to have courage. So when the opportunity comes, go with it.

“And the opportunity is here, the opportunity is here — I love you — the opportunity is here.

“My love for you is strong enough to overcome your resistance. You just need to favor this love.

“Have courage. Let us build this life together.

“Have courage. Have faith that I am always here.

“Have courage. Let us build this life together.

“Have courage. Have faith that I am always here – right in your heart, present with your awareness, ready to reward your surrender.

Daisies“Remember that I am not separate from you. When you surrender to God, you are surrendering to your great Self. This is what enlightenment is. It is not just surrendering to God. It is also living as God.

“I love you. I love you so much. I love you so much. You are so deeply and completely loved by your own grace, by your own heart. This love is unconditional. This love is radiant. And this love is more powerful than you are.

“Every time you act – not in the name of this love, but in surrender to this love – you build your kingdom a little bit more.

“I love you. I love you.

“I love you so completely. And I am happy to earn your trust – not through assurances – but through rewarding your surrender.

“I love you. You can make the leap now. You can make the leap now.

“It’s a simple question: If you absolutely knew that God resided in your heart and that your destiny was to become this God, and becoming this God was the fulfillment of your life and all lives, would you still be living the life today that you are living? If you absolutely knew that infinite divinity, infinite power of Self, resided in your own heart, would you let it all go? Because the focus of your life energy is not purely on this, is it?

“But it can be.


“From this love, I beckon you.

“From this love, I know who you are… and it is greater than that which you have been living.

“I am happy to support and nourish the life you are wanting to live. But, you see, many of your desires are governed by fear; and so the life you are wanting to live is not an expression of your highest desires. This is where surrender comes into play, doesn’t it? Surrender allows nature to define infinite boundaries.

“If you only follow your Earthly desires you are guaranteed to construct a life, however beautiful, with fear as one of its corner stones.

“When you are operating from surrender; from wisdom; from divine presence (the divine presence in your heart) you are great – you are wise. Even as you are growing in power in the world, you are only giving it back to your grace and silence in your heart, because the grace and silence in your heart has fulfilled you, and you need nothing more.

“I love you.

“Give this day to Me, and I will show you I love you.”

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