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This project has grown in maturity to where it is now through countless hours of volunteer time over many years. You can read about the early beginnings of this project in The Vision, Book One – Nakai.

As we take this Pavilion initiative to its next step of materialization, we look forward to working with the many new people who also feel called to participate in constructing this all-denominational Crystal Earth Pavilion.

There are a variety of ways you can assist with the project. While some needs are for local support in Santa Fe, there are many areas you can help with if you live elsewhere! Right now, the greatest needs for assistance include:

Sourcing-130x86SOURCING THE CRYSTALS – One of the primary features of The Crystal Earth Pavilion project is the use of suitable crystals for the foundational energetic structure. For all Mahavakya Crystal Temples we will need to locate and acquire very large crystals. If you have contacts or information for crystal sources in the US or around the world, please be in touch with Ken Hardin, our Project Director, at

Land-130x86SELECTING THE APPROPRIATE PAVILION SITE – Do you love being in the powerful vibrations of the land of New Mexico? Help us secure an ideal site for our Pavilion in the beautiful Galisteo basin. If you might enjoy exploring this region as we consider potential sites, please let us know. For more details, please contact Walter at

Design-130x86DESIGNING/BUILDING THE PAVILION – Preliminary designs for the Crystal Earth Pavilion have been completed. Don Wallis heads up the Pavilion Design team as it quickly moves into the next design stages. Skills and expertise in the areas of architecture, engineering, construction and graphic design are all needed in the building of the Pavilion. Please let Don know if you can help in any capacity or for more information. He can be reached at

Fundraising-130x86FUNDRAISING – As a non-profit organization with the mission of supporting humanity’s healing and awakening, all of the money to build and maintain The Pavilions will come through donations. Our plans include organizing various campaigns to gather funds for these projects. If you feel drawn to help in any way, it is greatly appreciated. For more information on ways you can help with fundraising, please email




One of the most simple and effective ways you can help is by sharing this initiative with other people you feel may have the inspiration or means to significantly support it.

In addition to telling others about our events and websites, here are a few ways you can effectively share this project and opportunity of service.

Introduce-130x86MAKE A PERSONAL INTRODUCTION – If you have business contacts you think would enjoy hearing about this project, or friends who have similar interests, please make an introduction. You may email our Project Coordinator at and he can arrange a personal meeting with one of the Project Leaders and your contact.

Event-photo-130x86INVITE FRIENDS TO AN EVENT – In the coming months there will be several community events held to introduce this project, both in Santa Fe and with aligned communities around the country. We invite you to bring friends you think would find some resonance with this vision!

Host-130x86HOST AN AWARENESS OR FUNDRAISING EVENT – If you have a network you are involved with, or some friends you would like to hear about this project we would love to coordinate with you and plan an event in your home or your community. Please email to let us know of such interest.

Hand-holding-earth-130x86JOIN OUR AMBASSADOR PROGRAM – There are so many people we want to share this project with. If you are feeling connected to this Crystal Earth Pavilion initiative and want to network with others, we would love your participation in our Ambassador Program. Please email for more details.


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