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Enjoy these free knowledge healings.

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Heaven on Earth

Mother Earths Enlightenment

No Need to Run Anymore

This is not only knowledge. It’s a healing!

Enjoy a gentle yet powerful healing for the physiology as you dive into the reality of your divine presence, speaking to you, loving you, guiding you throughout your life.

Experience this intensely-blissful, warmly-intimate conversation of Divine Mother, Divine Love, speaking directly to your heart.

If you enjoy these transcripts, you may want to purchase the book from our store. Reading a chapter or two is a great way to begin or end each day!

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Every day you are enjoying the constant flow of my attention. What may appear as a lack, what may appear as not complete, what may appear as lacking in Wholeness is absolutely my gift to you.

The most direct path to wealth, spiritual and otherwise, all forms of wealth, begins with surrender and acceptance. This is the most direct path, without exception, regardless of dharma or karmic influence. It begins with surrender and acceptance. All wealth begins here. It does not begin from strain.

If strain is here, embrace it with surrender and acceptance. It is easier than you think. Surrender and acceptance become bliss and ease. Bliss and ease become very powerful environmental generators. Do you see? Step by step by step—surrender and acceptance. The Bliss begins here.

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