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Elemental Breath Class


What is that force that links God to our physiology? What is that force that links consciousness to the body?



“If you suffer at all in your life, at any time in your life, this is what this practice is for. You dive in and find the suffering is trivial, less powerful; it did not become your identity because your body is becoming so integrated with the Presence of the Divine. You engage the Elemental Breath throughout the day, when emotionally challenged, when fatigued, if confusion sets in, or when you feel ungrounded.”

iStock_000015948934XSmall 2Elemental breathing is a process that can be a very effective way to help our bodies neutralize and release the every day stresses we encounter and help reconnect us to a powerful source of energy, stability, and bliss — Mother Earth.

All of the experiences we’ve had in our life are recorded in our emotional body, an energy field that envelops every cell and every field in our physical bodies. What makes elemental breathing different and especially powerful is that it draws the healing life force of Mother Earth into our bodies and circulates this energy throughout both our physical and our more subtle emotional bodies, balancing the Elemental Physiology while it nurtures the heart and the spirit.

Our bodies are a cell living within Mother Earth’s physiology. Modern life has distracted us from this strong connection to a vital life-force energy. When we practice the Elemental Breath we reactivate this powerful connection between our bodies and the Earth. Our bodies become more directly, more intimately, more subtly connected to the healing energy that Mother Earth wants to bestow upon us.

When we are connected and in the flow of this life-giving energy source we feel increased vitality and greater grounded-ness. There is a greater clarity of mind and an intensity of Presence that allows us to be with the Divinity within us.

When the Elemental Physiology is functioning in a harmonious and powerful flow, spontaneously the emotional body is opened and purified. And what does the emotional body look like when it is purified? It looks like a crystal!

It is so brilliantly clear it is as if it is not there. And the light of who you are — that divine spark eternally residing in your heart — not only becomes your experience in the subtle forms of your awareness, but it becomes your experience in the playing field of being human.

Of all the elements in the body, such as fire and water and air and space, your breath could be considered to be the most important because it is breath that links consciousness with physiology. Breath is the flow of the life force through the body as all of the elements weave together to create our human experience.

iStock_000002284032_ExtraSmallWhen you breathe in a way that completely opens even the subtle structures of the body, every breath becomes your own personal healing.

Therefore, the breath can be used as one of the most powerful tools to open the subtle structures and gross structures of the body; allowing more peace, more love, greater compassion, deeper joy, and unifying harmony to be a part of every day life.

This Elemental Breath process can be engaged with every breath you take and therefore will continue to reinforce and stabilize a profoundly powerful connection to Mother Earth for you. Since breathing happens at every moment of the day, using the Elemental Breath gives you that constant communion with your humanity and your Divinity, enriching your daily experience and opening the door to tremendous fulfillment in life.


“The Breath Teaching you and dear Mary offered is life changing for me. More of a transmission ( like shaktipat) than a linear experience! Thank you.”
—Annie, Aug 2014

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When awareness becomes expanded and reaches that state of immeasurable bigness, it begins to be called God. It begins to see itself as the creative force that birthed the entire universe – indeed all universes.

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