Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Do You Trust that Your Life is “God Serving You”?

bigstock-Himalaya-Mountains-43956478Divine Mother says…

“Today is a very important conversation.

“You see, both healing and awakening share the same Mother; they are siblings of the same blood. And the basis for both healing and awakening is the same thing – trust.

“Healing of the physiology begins with trust. Awakening of the whole life begins with trust.

“Why is trust so important? It is because trust is the foundation of surrender, and surrender is how you come home to God in your heart.

“Can you trust that this karma, this life circumstance, is Mother Divine serving you? Can you embrace that all of this life is My gift to you not partially or sometimes but completely and always ?

“You see, your free will is always at play. So in this way, you – your consciousness in this incarnation – holds so much of the power. Without trust you isolate yourself from your greatest power of all: Mother Divine.

“Trust allows you to see nature organizing for you. Trust allows you to celebrate the unfoldment of karma. And then karma becomes dharma. And then karma is only your servant.

“Do you feel Me guiding you from your heart? From your heart, your cosmic divinity is guiding you. Deeper and deeper and deeper into this well we go. And we find there is always more to gain.

“I love you. You will find that trust opens all of the doors. Indeed, it reveals that all of the doors are already open.

“Have fun with this life!

“I am loving you and protecting you.”



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