Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Discovering God Residing in Your Heart

Maui WLS Matthew SmileEnjoy a free audio healing

Wholeness founder Matthew Reifslager shares divine wisdom as he experiences it through his self-referral relationship with God – a relationship he calls Divine Mother.

Archangelic frequencies of healing enlivened your physiology as you listen. The healing takes place both in the words and in the silence. There may be a few minutes of complete silence here and there during the recording. This is intentional.

If you enjoy this healing, we warmly invited you to sign up for our free introductory program called A Taste of The Wholeness.

Eliminate all possible distractions. Then just sit back, close your eyes, and receive. Feel free to bookmark this page in case you want to listen again. However, we recommend listening no more than once per day so your physiology has a chance to integrate the profound effects. Enjoy!

“God Consciousness is not something your mind becomes; it is not something you develop. It is something you find residing gently in your heart, already established, already fully functional.”

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