Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Crystal Seeds

NEWS: A Crystal Seed will be planted in the Peruvian Andes this month!

Engage and spread Mother Earth’s healing energy

IMG_9623These Crystal Seeds are designed to supercharge your environment for your own enlightenment.

The Mahavakya Crystal Seeds were created as implements for a very holy purpose. They were designed to amplify and radiate Earth energy, for the benefit of humanity.

HOW DO THEY WORK? Using copper and crystalline technologies, Earth energy enters the seed and is spun within the silent core created by three small, powerful crystals. Through this vortex, Earth energy is amplified.

When Crystal Seeds are planted in the ground, a sacred energy grid of Mother Earth’s energy is enlivened and amplified, making it more accessible to your human physiology.

“The planting of a Crystal Seed is a most significant thing. On one hand we can say these seeds are just copper and space. But on the other hand we can say they are powerful generators of Divine Mother Earth’s energy. And as these seeds are planted around the world they connect many places of pilgrimage and bring those celestial energies right into your own home, right into your own space. They make the natural radiance of Mother Earth — God within the structures of the Earth — more balanced and accessible to the human physiology; easier to metabolize. This is a great project for humanity.”

— Matthew Reifslager


What is this sacred energy grid?

Energy, in it’s most subtle form, is “prana”also known as “universal life force”. It is the foundation and essence of all life; the energy and vitality that permeates the entire Universe. This life force energy flows in everything that exists.

Mother Earth has been in the process of a great Awakening. She has become a conscious planet, a conscious being – conscious of her own great divinity. And with this, the life force energy of Mother Earth has grown in strength and power. We call this life force energy sacred because it is the purest, most powerful expression of God’s Love.

This is important to you as a human being on Earth because of the intimate relationship between earth physiology and human physiology. In fact, your human body is quite literally a cell in Mother Earth and her life force energy is essential for you to reach your full potential.

Energetically Connecting Earth’s most powerful Places

When you visit a holy place, it is amazing. You can feel it; it is very real. And these place are called holy for a reason. They are power-spots on Mother Earth – where her nourishing and transformational influences flow freely.

These sacred spots are like the meridian points of Earth. When you visit them, you plug into Earth energy in condensed form.

The goal of The Wholeness Crystal Seed Project is to plant seeds in every holy site on Earth and create the most powerful energetic grid possible. Then when Crystal Seeds are planted in other locations, they tap into the grid and radiate powerful Earth energy for their areas as well.

IMG_2464To date, Crystal Seeds have been planted in a number of sacred locations around the globe:

• Mt. Haleakala, Maui
• Mt. Carmel, Israel
• 3 locations in Nepal
• Santa Fe, New Mexico
• Ojai, California

Many more locations are planned.

IMG_2594Above, Matthew Reifslager digs a hole for the first seed planting, in Maui, on Mt. Haleakala.

Left, Don Wallis, Ken Hardin, Michael Ritter, and Walter Reifslager prepare to plant a seed near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Three ways to strengthen, and connect with, the sacred Earth energy grid

1) Purchase a seed to plant near where you live. You may want to get together with others in your area to share the cost of a seed.

2) Make a donation toward the planting of a seed. Click the donate button above and you will find a number of options to donate toward seed plantings in specific locations. Or make a general donation to the project. All donations are warmly welcome (both big and small). And all donations are tax deductible.

3) Purchase a seed to keep in your home. Place it anywhere in your home or office — wherever you would like the sacred energy of Mother Earth to radiate and be amplified. The nourishing, healing influences of this seed will fill your entire home.



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