Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Crystal Beacons

12:12:12-1Create a mini-temple for your home environment

The Mahavakya Crystal Beacons draw upon the powerful, enlightened Earth energy within your environment and create a field so tangible that anyone who enters your home will feel the effect of its heavenly vibrations.

Utilizing copper, crystals, and the consciousness of Mother Earth, the beacon radiates a field of light and protection for your home, amplifying that space for you to worship, pray, meditate and Awaken in whatever way your heart calls you.

Installed in your courtyard or garden…

A Mahavakya Beacon serves as a mini-temple for your home. Featuring a larger base crystal (8-18”) with an energetically compatible crown crystal, its gold-tipped copper rod roots more than three feet into the earth. Earth and cosmic energy together create a strong field of light and protection— enlivening your home environment with celestial frequencies.

Your home will begin to hum with the peace and bliss of the highest vibrations in Creation. The Mahavakya Crystal Beacons transform your home into a sanctuary of peace for you and your loved ones.

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Crystal Beacons


Crystal Technology

Crystals are birthed from the body of Mother Earth. They are energetically alive. Their power can be seen in the way they manifest – growing in an upward direction, from deep within the Earth; reaching for the light. Crystals act as receivers – welcoming in the powerful life-force energy of Mother Earth, and then transmitting it into their environment.

Today the Earth is seeing the reintroduction of an ancient technology with profound application and implications. This technology is being called a Mahavakya. It is the direct engagement of Earth physiology in order to heal and awaken human physiology.


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