Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

The Crystal Earth Project


An ancient technology is currently being introduced on Earth. It has profound implications for the full awakening of humanity.

This technology directly engages the energies of Mother Earth, through the use of special crystals, for the purpose of healing and enlightening the human physiology. The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project is currently offering two powerful products that utilize this ancient technology.

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Crystals: One of Mother Earth’s most precious gifts to humanity

Crystal 2The healing power of crystals has long been recognized. In ancient times they were considered sacred. Crystals have traditionally been used for protection, spiritual transformation, and integration of body and spirit, as well as for healing.

When we understand that the human physiology is but a cell in Mother Earth’s physiology, we can understand how a crystal fortified with Earth’s elemental life force energy can be a powerful force for healing and coherence.

Crystals are birthed from the body of Mother Earth. They are energetically alive. Their power can be seen in the way they manifest – growing in an upward direction, from deep within the Earth; reaching for the light. Crystals act as receivers – welcoming in the powerful life-force energy of Mother Earth, and then transmitting it into their environment.

A crystal is very similar to a human emotional body. Indeed, in higher dimensional realities, the form becomes more and more structurally similar – crystalline structure and emotional structure. However, here we have some separation between these two very distinct identities.

And yet, today there are commonalities between the crystal and the emotional body that can be pointed out. Both are amplifiers. The emotional body is an amplifier of human experience; the right crystalline structure is a powerful amplifier of frequency.

The highest goal of The Wholeness is the future construction of non-denominational “Mahavakya Crystal Temples” in the most powerful, sacred locations on Earth. These temples will serve a very important purpose.

With the help of crystal technology, Mahavakya Crystal Temples will harness and amplify life force Earth energy, as well as heavenly gifts from the Cosmos. The result will be a powerful boost in the accessibility of Earth’s nourishing, healing vibration for humanity, and a profound evolutionary influence of coherence and peace.

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