Archangelic Crystalline Technology for Awakening

Crystal Seeds — Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these crystals from?
These crystals are responsibly mined from a pure source in Brazil. All of the crystals we source carry a similar vibration. All crystals are ‘freshly’ mined. Every crystal we use for this Mahavakya Crystal Seed project is free from unneeded human influence or ‘programing.’ They are without any human intention or programming. They are simply governed by the intelligence of Mother Earth, who regulates them, and runs her energy through them.

Should we have an ‘intention’ around our seed?
These seeds are regulated and managed by the intelligence of Mother Earth. There is no need to have an intention behind them, the intention will come from Mother Earth herself.

What are the seeds made of?
They are hand crafted using copper and crystal. There is no other materials used. Copper is used because it is a remarkable conductor and the crystals are powerful amplifiers of Mother Earth’s energy.

Where did this wisdom come from?
This wisdom was cognized by healer and spiritual visionary Matthew Reifslager, through his communion with Archangel Gabriel. The design was based on a nine pointed yantra which, when made 3D, became a 27 noded polyhedron. The 27 nodes correspond to the 27 Nakshatras, or star systems, that influence Mother Earth most greatly. In this way, each seed is deeply connected to the Earth as well as to the cosmos.

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